St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
McManus Farrell, lab., bds. 33 Biddle
McManus Hugh, mason, r. 232 n. 10th
McManus James, lab., r. 7th ne. c. Carr
McManus John, and saloon, (McManus & O'Brien) 52 n. Levee, r. n. 7th
McManus Joseph, lab., r. rear 231 n. 14th
McManus William D., bookkeeper, J. L. & W. Adams, bds. 27 Elm
McManus & O'Brien McManus John O'Brien) Callaghan feed store, 316 Broadway
McManus Owen, lab., r. and 19th bet. Randolph Poplar
McManus Owen, quarryman, bds. 14th c. Angelica
McMartin Thomas, physician, bds. 15 n. 12th
McMasterson William, grocer, ns. same O'Fallon opp. 22d, r.
McMath Robert E, dep. county surveyor, r 274 Pine
McMealey Michael, lab., r. ss. and Trudeau b. Carondelet av. Easton
McMectan Andrew (McMechan & Ballentine) r. 110 Pine
McMECHAN & BALLENTINE, McMechan (Andrew Ballentine) William whol. grocers, 123 n. 2d
McMechen Lee, bookkeeper, r. 6th se. c. Washington avenue
McMeen Josiah E., collarmaker, r. 124 n. 12th
McMeins James, policeman, r. Fulton ne. c. 8th
McMekam Leander, bookkeeper, Tuttle & Brown, bds. 97 n. 6th
McMichen Catherine, nurse, bds. 11 Mound
McMillan James, watchman, r. O'Fallon nw. c. 17th
McMillan William D., boarding, r. 187 n. 6th
McMillan John, grocer and tinner, 78 Washington av., r.
McMohan James, butcher, bds. Pacific House
McMorrow Martin, lithographer, bds. 254 Market
McMow Robert, lab., r. ws. 11th nr. Buchanan
McMullan Ellen, wid. John, r. 133 n. 6th
McMullen James, lab., r. 2d c Mound
McMullen James, watchman, r. 17th ne. c. O'Fallon
McMullen John, boilermaker, bds. es. and Broadway bet. Penrose Bremen
McMullen Mary, boarding, r. 133 n. 6th
McMullen Patrick, tanner, John How, c. and Easton Barton
McMurchy Archibald, carpenter, r. 209 Wash
McMurray Ann, wid. George, r. ns. and Franklin av. b. 16th 17th
McMurray Eliza, boarding 43 n. 12th
McMurray John D., (McMurray,Winkelmaier & Co.,) r. 43 n. 12th
McMurray Junius J. W., clerk, bds. 42 n. 12th
McMurray Patrick, drayman, r. ns. and O'Fallon b. 7th 8th
McMurray William A., physician, 158 n. 4th, r.
McMURRAY, WINKELMAIER & CO., McMurray, John D. Winkelmaier Lewis Smith) James pioneer iron railing and architectural foundry, ns. and Chesnut bet 9th 10th.
McMurry Patrick, drayman, 77 O'Fallon
McMurtrie Charles, Everett House saloon, 81 n. 4th
McMurtry John W., watchman, r. 56 Chambers
McMurtry Sarah, wid. Thomas, r. ns. and Caroline bet. Pratte Jerferson avs
McNabb Melvin R., engineer, r. ws. and 19th b. Morgan Franklin av
McNaboa Hugh, bricklayer, r. 216 n. 2d
McNair Antoine R., manfr., r. ws. and 9th b. Chesnut Pine
McNair Frederick A. C., clerk, P. O., bds. 8 n. 9th
McNair Isaac, salesman, J. T. Dowdall & Co., bds. 6th nw. c. Elm
McNair Margaret S., wid. Alexander, r. 8 n. 9th
McNair Thomas J., physician, 164 n. 4th, r. s. 14th
McNall John, riverman, bds. Bruner House
McNalley John, miller, bds. Southern Hotel
McNally James, lab., r. 372 n. 2nd