St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Marx George, baker, r. 2 Spruce
Marx George B., cooper, r. 37 Chambers
Marx Louis, barber, bds. 102 Biddle
Marx Louis, cigarmaker, r. 11th c. Franklin av
Marx Max, (Seligman Bros. & Co.) bds. 51 n. 8th
Marx Mederlin, carpenter, r. and Stoddard av. b. Chouteau av. Hickory
Marx Peter, fruit dealer, s. same 2d, r.
Marx Samuel, (S. Marx & Bro.) bds. 223 Franklin avenue
Marx Samuel, lab., r. 221 Market
Marx Solomon, (Marx & Schoen) r. 120 n. 10th
Marx Solomon (S. Marx & Bro.) r. 323 Franklin av
Marx & Co., Marx (Frederick Harmond) John blacksmith, es. and Broadway b. Webster Lebeaume
Marx S. & Bro., Marx (Samuel Solomon) clothing 225 Franklin av
Marx & Schoen Marx (Solomon Schoen) Aaron dry goods and groceries, 287 Broadway
Mary lnstitute, Lucas place
Maryson John, butcher, bds. 24th c. Davis
Marz John, shoemaker, 471 s. 7th
Marzluff John, carpenter, r. alley b. Stoddard South, Hickory Winter
Marzluff Michael, blacksmith, r. and Franklin av. bet. Pratte Beaumont av
Maschmeier August, grocer, 150 and 152 s. 7th, r.
MASCHMEYER CHARLES, grocery and variety store same Pratte av. sw. c. Bernard, r.
Maschmeyer Frederick, wagonmaker, 391 Franklin av., r. es. 18th bet. Franklin av. Wash
Maschmeyer Frederick A. W., clerk, Meyer & Voorhis bds. Leinberger Hotel
Maschmeyer George, foreman, John H.Winkelmeyer, r. Benton se. c. 16th
Masech Andrew, lab., r. ws. alley bet. Jackson Columbus Barry
Maseigly Peter, saloon, 107 n. Levee, r. n. Levee
Masel Joseph, peddler, r, alley rear 3d bet. Convent Hazel
Masen Golden, cooper, bds., and Glasgow av. Conde
Maser Christophe, tailor, r. ss. and Victor b. Main DeKalb
Maser Eberhardt, r. ss. and Victor b. Main DeKalb
Mash Michael, (Mash & Boneau) r. 96 s. Main
MASH & BONEAU, Mash (Michael Joseph Boneau) beer saloon, 93 s. Main
Masing Augustus, clerk, r. n. near 2d N. M. R. R. track
Maslin Thomas J., agent " Central Christian Advocate" 97 n. 4th, bds. n. 6th
Masman August, riverman, r. and Lafayette b. 7th Fulton
Mason Daniel W., bookkeeper, " Bulletin Office," bds. 137 n. 6th
Mason Edwin R., (Hale & Mason) bds. Barnum's Hotel
Mason Edwin W., clerk, Mason & Wetherell, bds. ws. and Eugenia, b. 21st 22d
Mason John, lab., r. es. and Commercial bet. Green Morgan
Mason Jonathan, tinsmith, r. and Wash b. 21st 22d
Mason Malcom G., compositor, " Democrat," r. 264 n. 7th
Mason Paris H., (Scarritt & Mason) r. ss. and Chambers b. 12th 13th
Mason R. B., supt. St. Louis, Alton and Chicago R. R., r. at Chicago
Mason Sarah, widow William, (col'd) r. 42 Orange
Mason Thomas, (Mason & Wetherell) r. ws. and Eugenia b. 21st 22d
Mason Thomas B., carpenter, ws. alley bet. 3d 4th Market, r. Myrtle
Mason William E., (C. S. Green & Co.) r. Kentucky
MASON WILLIAM T., lawyer, 31 Pine, bds. Barnum s Hotel
MASON & WETHERELL, com. mers.. Mason (Thomas Wethrell) Sidney J. com. mers.. 9 City Bldgs.