St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Maurer Charles, brewer, same Rosatti sw c. Park av., r.
Maurer Frederick, foreman E. Schneider & Co., r. ws. of Grattan s. Hickory
Maurer Ignatz, lab., r. es. near 2d Carondelet av. Pestalozzi
Maurer John, lab., r. 247 s. 2d
Maurer John B., sausage maker, r. ws. and Columbus b. Soulard Lafayette
Maurer Joseph, butcher, 173 s. 2d, r. 2d b. Hazel Lombard
Maurer Lanhart, lab., r. Menard se. c. Park av
Maurer Mary, dressmaker, r. 3 s. 8th
Maurer Michael, coffee house, near Central market, r. s. 9th Gratiot
Maurer Xavier, butcher, 47 Centre Market r. ws. Jackson b. Victor Sidney
Mauri Charles, bricklayer, r. 320 s. 3d
Mauri Elizabeth, widow Joseph, res. Decatur c. Caroll
Mauri Gregory, saddler, r. 320 s. 3d
Maurice Charles E., sec. Belleville and St.Louis Coal Co. 85 Chestnut, r. Grand av. Parsons
Maurice John H., (Maurice & Kiever,) r. Adolph, nw. c. Eugenia
Maurice Nugent, blacksmith r. 431 Market
Maurice Thomas D., clerk, John How, r. ns. and Park av. b. Armstrong Missouri
Maurice William H., (Maurice & Henry,) r. ns. and Park av. b. Armstrong Missouri av
Maurice & Henry, Maurice (William H. Henry,) William D. jewelers, 52 n. Main
MAURICE & KIEVER, Maurice (John H. Kiever,) William architects and builders, 433 Market
Mauro Charles G. lawyer, of Chesnut ne. c. 4th, r. ws. St. Ange n. Park av
MAURO PHILLIP C., lawyer, 50 Chesnut, r. ns. Chouteau av. b. 13th 14th
Maus George, butcher, boards 21st se. c. Franklin avenue
Maus John, lab., r. ss. and Trudeau b. Congress Carondelet av
Mautuer Michael, shoemaker, 136 Franklin av., r.
Mauvais Aimee, lab., Academy Christian Brothers, r. same
Mauzy William, carpenter, r. ns. and Wash b. 22nd 23d
Mavon Francis, candy maker, ns. and Orchard b. Barlow 11th, r.
Maw Frederick, carpenter, r. and Douchouquette b. Columbia Jackson
Mawdsley Ebenezer, (Mawdsley & Mepham,) r. 379 Market
Mawdsley Richard, gas fitter, r. es. and 11th b. Benton Warren
MAWDSLEY & MEPHAM, (late W. G. Ashdown & Co.,) Mawdsley (Ebenezer Mepham,) Hampden (late W. G. Ashdown & Co.,) gas and steam pipe fitters, chandeliers, &c., 40 n. 3d
Mawes Wilson, teamster, r. 462 n. 9th
Mawson George S., merchant tailor, 105 n. 3d, r.
Mawson Lewis, furs, 45 n. 5th, r.
Max J. M., bds. 83 Franklin av
Max Mary, wid. August, r. 5 Poplar
Max Peter, carpenter, r. ws. and 7th b. Soulard Lafayette
Maxfield Edward, brakesman, bds. 746 Broadway
Maxsy Mary, wid. John, washwoman, r. 30 n. 16th
Maxwell Charles J., gas inspector, r. Decatur sw. c. Carroll
Maxwell Henry, carpenter, bds and Clark av. b. 12th 13th
Maxwell Henry R., printer, r. 160 n. 4th
Maxwell James, lab., r. 244 n. 14th
Maxwell James, millwright, r. ws. and 7th b. Soulard Lafayette
MAXWELL JAMES R., bakery depot, 528 Broadway r.