St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Michael & Kaim, Michael (James Kaim,) Marcus clothing, 32 and 34 Market
Michaelis George, lab., r. Soulard nw. c. 13th
Michaels Frederick, saddler, bds. 614 Broadway
Michaels Morris, cigarmaker, bds. 8th nw. c. Morgan
Michaels Patrick, carriage driver, bds. 151 Walnut
Michel Adrian, (Michel & Roberts,) bds. Planter's House
MICHEL AUTON J., justice of the peace, 14 4th ward Walnut, r. s. 3d
Michel Bernhard jobber. r. 297 s. 5th
Michel Edward L., r. 308 Morgan
Michel Ferdinand, clerk, bds. 229 Carondelet av
Michel Frederick, shoemaker, bds. 1162 Broadway
Michel Jacob, shoemaker, 45 n. 3d, r. Carondelet avenue
Michel Joshua C., (Moody, Michel & Co.,) bds. Monroe House
Michel Martin, shoemaker, 233 s. 4th, r.
Michel Peter, groceries and liquors, 401 Carondelet av., r.
Michel Philip, saloon, es. near Jackson Marion, r.
Michel Richard, r. ws. near Carondelet road Miami
MICHEL & ROBERTS, Michel (Adrian Roberts) James W. who. grocers 8 s. 2d
Micheles Anton, bds. 361 Franklin av
Michell Lamuel E. bookkeeper, r. 111 s. 14th
MICHENFELDER FRANClS, clothing, 21 Spruce. r.
Michesney Thomas, machinist, bds. 17th sw. c. Angelica
Michiels Thomas L., salesman, Young, Bros. & Co., bds. Barnum's Hotel
Michlenberger Charles, driver, r. ns. and Austin b. 15th 16th
Michu Eliza, 535 Broadway
Mick Andrew, fireman, r. ss. Geyer av. nr. Buel
Mick Charles, bds. I. M. Hotel
Mick Charles A., fieldhand, city engineer's office
Mick John, bds. 143 Green
Mickle William, pressman, r. ns. and Carr bet. 11th 12th
Miclaus John, blacksmith, r. 512 n. Main
MIDDENDORF GEORGE (Kopp & Middendorf) r. Biddle sw. c. 9th
Middendorf J. Henry, grocer, n. same Market sw. c. 13th, r.
MIDDLETON ANDREW, painter, 246 Market, r. ws. Eugenia b. 20th 21st
Middleton William, grocer, 205 Morgan, r.
Midshap John, tailor, r. al. bet. and 12th 13th, Park av. Carroll
Miedell Charles, clerk, Z. F. Wetzell & Co., bd. Frederick House
Mieden Robert, blacksmith, r. 470 Market
Miehe Charles, cabinetmaker, r. ss, and Franklin av. bet. 22d 23d
Miehe Fritz, (Miehe & Werner) r. ss. and Manchester rd. b. Leffiingwell av. Summit av
Miehe & Werner, Miehe (Fritz Werner) Albert grocers, and feed store, ss. and Manchester rd. b. Leffingwell av. Summit av
Miehle John, musician, r. Carondelet av. nw. c. Allen av
Mielster Wenzel, patternmaker, bds. ws. near Main Florida
Miemüeller Frederick, cabinetmaker, r. n. Green c. 19th
Mienber August, bookbinder, bds. 357 s. 2d
Mienierdt John, lab., r. 331 Carondelet av
Mier Christian F., barkeeper, bds. 652 Broadway
Mier Elizabeth, wid. Fred., bds. 260 Market
Mier Florence, lab., r. ws. and 13th b. Madison Chambers
Mier Henry, teamster, r. ss. and Spring bet. n. 2d Broadway
Mier Henry W., turner, bds. 952 Broadway
Mier Herman, r. ns. and Mallinckrodt b. 9th 10th
Mier Joseph, lab., r. and Market b. 13th 14th