St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Moakler James, teamster, r. and Biddle b. 18th 19th
Moakler Michael, lab., r. and O'Fallon b. 18th 19th
Moakler William, printer, bds. ss. and Franklin av. bet. 6th 7th
Moaxtat John, brickmaker, r. Emmett c. Hamtramck
Mock Levi, engineer, r. 48 Brooklyn
Mockhenaupt Peter, tailor, r. rear 314 s. 5th
Mockler Michael, engineer, r. 436 Morgan
Mockler Patrick, fireman, r. 204 n. 9th
Mockler Richard, bricklayer, r. ss. and Carr b. 19th 20th
Mockler Thomas, bricklayer, r. rear 221 Biddle
Mockler Thomas, teamster, bds. Glasgow av. c. Conde
MOCKLER TIMOTHY, grocer, 318 Morgan, r. Morgan
Moddert Daniel, brushmaker, bds. 36 Plum
Model John, lithograper, r. rear 323 s. 5th
Moder Anton (Moder & Young) r. 137 Market
Moder Charles, stairbuilder, bds. and 7th bet. Clark av. Spruce
Moder & Young, Moder (Anton Young) Charles guilders, 137 Market
Mockel Louis, musician, r. rear 172 n. 10th
Moehel William, porter, Helfenstein, G ore & Co., r. Warren nw. c. 9th
Moehle Charles, lab., r. 42 Webster
Moehle Frederick, grocer, 269 Carondelet av., r.
Moehlman William, porter, r. 9th sw. c. Warren
Moehlmann Peter H., porter, r. ns. n. and Market b. 13th 14th
Moehrle Sigismund, carpenter, bds. Wash se. c. 13th
Moellenkpeck Henry, painter, bds. ss. and Marion bet. 7th Fulton
Moeller Charles, (C. H. Moeller & Co) r, at New York City
Moeller Charles H., (C. H. Moeller & Co.,) 7 s. 4th
Moeller Frederick, teamster, r. and Kosciusko b. Lafayette L'esperance
Moeller George, artificial flowers, r. 285 s. 5th
Moeller George, saloon and wagonmaker, ws. and State bet. Russell Allen avs., r.
Moeller Gustave, printer, r. 151 s. 2d
Moeller Gustav U., clerk, bds. 191 s. 7th
Moeller Hartman, saloon and boarding, same 18th nw. c. Monroe, r.
Moeller Nicholas, sawyer. r. 206 n. 11th
Moeller Valentine, lab., bds. 20th sw. c. Clark av
Moeller William, grocer, same Jefferson ne. c. 13th, r.
Moeller William H., entry clerk, E. A. & S. R. Filley, r. 61 10th
Moeller C. H. & Co., Moeller (Charles H. Moeller) Chas. toys, 7 s. 4th
Moellmann Anton, ostler, 219 n. 6th
Moellmann Frederick, driver, 219 n. 6th
Moellmann Henry, lab., r. es. and Buena Vista bet. Arrow Ohio
Moeloth Peter, saloon and boarding, same Mulberry nw. c. 2d, r.
Moepps John, tobacconist, 663 Broadway, r.
Moergel John, porter, Fallenstein & Gauss
Moerkirk Edward, clerk, Thomas Jackson, bds. 152 s. 7th
Moerlle Tobias, lab., r. Oneota c. Kingsbury
Moermann Urban, tailor, r. 60 Poplar
Moerschel Charles, clerk, Jacob Moerschel, r. 279 Broadway
Moerschel Jacob, tobacco, cigars and snuff, 279 Broadway, r.
Moerschel Jacob, jr., cigarmaker, r. 279 Broadway
Moes Andrew, lab., r. 346 Franklin av
Moets John, safemaker, bds. 259 n. 7th
Moexal Philip, lab., r. 462 n. Main
Mofeldt Henry, brickmaker, r. near 12th Destrehan
Moffat Marion, wid. James, r. 165 Orange
Moffat Peter, mason, bds. 266 n. Main
Moffat Roger, lab., r. rear 239 s. 2d
Moffatt Edgar R., clerk, S. L. & T. H. R. R., bds. 50 Myrtle
Moffatt Walter, carpenter, bds. Market sw. c. 6th