St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Moffatt William, clerk, r. 59 Orange
Moffet Thomas, engraver, bds. Mt. Vernon Hotel
Moffett David, teamster, r. ws. and 14th bet. Spring
Moffett Esther, wid. Joseph F., r. 160 n. 6th Montgomery
Moffett John, r. ss and Gamble av. bet. Naomi High
Moffett Leslie, bookkeeper, D. A. January & Co., bds. ss. and Pine bet. 7th 8th
Moffett Margaret, wid. B., r. 14 Market
Moffett William A., (Moffett & Schroter), r. 168 Locust
MOFFETT & SCHROTER, Moffett (William A. Schroter George produce and com., Commercial nw. c. Chesnut
Moffitt William, clerk, Richardson, & Mellier & Co., r. 59 Orange
Mogee George, tailor, r. 93 Carondelet av
Mogridge Eliza, dressmaker, r. ns. and Benton bet. 11th 12th
Mohan James, boot and shoe mnfr., 142 Green, r. Green
Mohan Patrick, drayman, r. 172 n. 12th
Mohen John, bricklayer, r. ns. and Franklin av. bet. 18th 19th
Mohen Michael, lab., r. ws. n. 15th nr. O'Fallon
Mohlan Timothy, quarryman, r. and 20th bet. Conde Warren
Mohle August, shoemaker, 161 n. 4th
Mohlenkamp W., physician, r. 188 n. 9th
Mohlman Henry, lab., r. ss. and Chouteau av. b. Compton Thomas
Mohlman Thy, porter, J. Weil & Bro
Mohn William, bookbinder, r. 177 s. 2d
Mohr Charles, jeweler, r. 58 Plum
MOHR JOSEPH, fringemaker, 99 Market, r.
Mohr Philip, brewer, bds. 155 s. 2d
Mohrhartt Francis, furniture dealer, r. 42 Barry
Mohrman Peter, (Mohrman & Bro) r. 213 n. 14th
Mohrman William, (Mohrman & Bro.) r. al. b. and 13th 14th, O'Fallon Biddle
MOHRMAN & BRO. (William Peter) grocers, 213 n. 14th
Mohrmann George, tailor, r. 62 Franklin av
Mohrmann Henry, (Mohrmann & Co.) r. 62 Franklin av
Mohrmann John, cooper, bds. ss. and Mallinckrodt bet. 11th 12th
Mohrmann John H., teamster, r. 15th se. c. Montgomery
Mohrmann & Co., Mohrman (Henry Bauner John H. clothing store, 62 Franklin av.
Mohsa B., musician, r. ss. Carroll nr. Jackson
Moieller Andrew, quarryman, r. and Gravois rd. ns. bet. Charles Oneota
Moilin John, lab., r. 75 Biddle
Moinagh Edward, lab., bds. 139 Collins
Moir William, clerk, Pike & Kellogg, r. 192 n. 8th
Moir William F. T., clerk, D. Nicholson, bds. 161 Green
Mokenhaupt John, watchman, r. ns. and L'esperance b. Jackson Columbus
Mokenhaupt Marie, wid. Peter, r. ns. and L'esperance b. Jackson Columbus
Mokenhoff John, policeman. r. ss. and Marion b. Jackson Columbus
Mokenhoff Martin, tobacconist, bds. Wedge House
Molan Alexander, lab., bds. Pacific House
Molan Patrick, lab., r. n. and 8th bet. O'Fallon Cass avenue
Moldz Frederick, lab., r. ws. al. b. and Carondelet av. 7th, Geyer Allen avs
Molitor Ferdinand, painter, r. 145 Biddle
Molk William, teamster, r. and 17th bet. Cass av. Mullanphy
Moll Adolph, (Heidsick & Moll) bds. 7 n. 3d
Moll George, shoemaker, r. 464 Market
Moll Herman, clerk, r. Park av. nw. c. 6th
Molla John, (Silvi & Molla) r. ws. and 3d b. Walnut Elm
Mollar William, blacksmith, 387 Franklin av., r. es. 18th b. franklin av., Wash