St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Murphy James, lab., bds. 19th nw. c. n. Market
Murphy James, lab., r. r. 253 Franklin av
Murphy James, lab., r. 504 n. Main
Murphy James, porter, r. es. al. bet. and 9th 10th, Biddle O'Fallon
Murphy James, lab., r. ws. al. b. and 8th 9th, Biddle O'Fallon
Murphy James, lab., r. ws. and Julia bet. Virginia Elizabeth
Murphy James, lab., r. and Levee b. Florida Mullanphy
Murphy James, marble polisher, r. ss. and Autumn bet. South Stoddard
Murphy James, sexton St. Paul's Epis. church r. 47 Orange
Murphy James, teamster, bds. 243 Biddle
Murphy James, teamster, r. and Davis b. 18th 19th
Murphy James, waiter, Planters' House
Murphy James C., carpenter, bds. ns. and Washington av. b. 7th 8th
Murphy Jeremiah, 441 Broadway
Murphy Jeremiah, blacksmith, r. 96 O'Fallon
Murphy Jeremiah, drayman, r. Clark av. ne. c. 20th
Murphy Jeremiah, lab., bds. 62 Center
Murphy Jeremiah, lab., r. 200 s. 5th
Murphy Jeremiah, lab., r. ss. and Wash b. 22d 23d
Murphy Jeremiah, late produce dealer, r. 445 Broadway
MURPHY JEREMIAH P., grocer, same 7th sw. c. Pine, r.
Murphy John, bds. ns. 20 and Carr, b. 21st
Murphy John, (Murphy & McCullen) r. 17½ s. Levee
Murphy John, rooms 377 Market
Murphy John, baker, bds. 123 n. 14th
Murphy John, carpenter, bds. 158 n. 5th
Murphy John, carpenter, bds. 205 Wash
Murphy John, carpenter, r. and 18th bet. Biddle O'Fallon
Murphy John, lab., r. es. and Grand av. b. Park Lafayette avs
Murphy John, clerk, r. 190 n. 9th
Murphy John, conductor, r. ss. and Wash bet. 24th Pratte av
Murphy John, drayman, r. 522 n. Main
Murphy John, drayman, A. Walsh, bds. 12 Spruce
Murphy John, drayman, r. 327 s. 3d
Murphy John, grocer, 51 O'Fallon, r.
Murphy John, hackman, r. 215 Green
Murphy John, huckster, r. ns. al. b. and Wash Carr
Murphy John, lab., H. Holton
Murphy John, lab., bds. 19 Mullanphy
Murphy John, lab., bds. 367 n. Main
Murphy John, lab., bds. ss. and Warren b. 16th 17th
Murphy John, lab., r. 199 n. 7th
Murphy John, lab , r. es. al. b. and 10th 11th, Biddle O'Fallon
Murphy John, lab., r. O'Fallon ne. c. 10th
Murphy John, lab., r. 2d nr. e. Mound
Murphy John, lab., r. 2d nr. e. Mound
Murphy John, lab., r. rear 797 Broadway
Murphy John, lab., r. al. nr. and Biddle b. 5th 6th
Murphy John lab., r. n. and Main b. Madison Jefferson
Murphy John, lab., r. al. b. and Cass av. O'Fallon e. 8th
Murphy John, lab., r. rear 123 s. 6th
Murphy John, lab., r. ns. Lafayette av. nr. Wellington av
Murphy John, ostler, bds. 365 Market
Murphy John, porter, r. 145 n. 8th
Murphy John, porter, Alexander E. Peters, r. and 10th b. Biddle Carr
Murphy John, riverman, r. rear 250 n. 14th
Murphy John, roofer, r. 106 Christy av
Murphy John, tailor, r. al. bet. and 10th 11th n. O'Fallon
Murphy John, waiter, Planters' House
Murphy John B., clerk, M. Kushan& Co., bds. ss. and O'Fallon b. 7th 8th
Murphy John B., teacher, Academy of Christian Brothers bds. same
Murphy John H.. blacksmith, r. 75 n. 3d