St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Murphy Patrick, teamster, bds. ss. and Wash bet. 24th Pratt av
Murphy Patrick, tobacconist, r. and Spruce b. 12th 14th
Murphy Peter, dyer, r. 441 Broadway
Murphy Peter, lab., J. T. Dowdall & Co
Murphy Peter, porter, r. 230 s. 2d
Murphy Peter, stonemason, r. and Cass av. bet. 19th 20th
Murphy Philip, lab., r. ss. and O'Fallon bet. Lewis Levee
Murphy Philip, steamboatman, r. n. and Main bet. Madison Jefferson
Murphy Philip, teamster, bds. and Poplar bet. 12th 13th
Murphy Philip H., clerk, r. rear 184 n. 12th
Murphy Richard, lab., r. of 13th s. Cass av
Murphy Richard, shoemaker,. r. ns. and Monroe bet. 14th 15th
Murphy Rose, wid. Patrick, r. ss. Rutgers nr. 9th
Murphy Samuel, bricklayer, r. and Clark av. bet. 18th 19th
Murphy Sarah, wid. James, bds. and Cass av. bet. 19th 20th
Murphy Thomas, and 8th b. Locust St. Charles
Murphy Thomas, bricklayer, r. 101 s. 3d
Murphy Thomas, lab., r. 59 s. 10th
Murphy Thomas, lab., bds. 254 Market
Murphy Thomas, lab., r. 11 n. 18th
Murphy Thomas, lab., r. 174 n. Green
Murphy Thomas, lab., r. n. and Main bet. Madison Jefferson
Murphy Thomas, lab., r. and 18th bet. Davis Cass av
Murphy Thomas, lab., r. al. bet. and 6th 7th, Biddle O'Fallon
Murphy Thomas, lab., r. ws. al. bet. and 10th 11th, nr. Biddle
Murphy Thomas, plasterer, bds. 209 Olive
Murphy Thomas, sexton, St. Vincent, r. ws. Decatur nr. Park av
Murphy Thomas, stonemason, bds. and O'Fallon bet. 5th 6th
Murphy Timothy, carpenter, bds. es. and 11th bet. Clark av. Market
Murphy Timothy, lab., bds. 443 n. Main
Murphy Timothy, lab., r. 57 Warren
Murphy Timothy, lab., r. 153 Washington av
Murphy Timothy, lab., r. ns. and Warren bet. 9th 10th
Murphy Walter, policeman, r. rear 306 Franklin av
Murphy William, (Murphy & Bro.) r. 20 Myrtle
Murphy William, (Rude & Murphy) r. and 22d b. Division O'Fallon
Murphy William, boatman, r. al. bet, and 8th 9th, nr. O'Fallon
Murphy William, butcher, r, Pratte av. nw. c. Walnut
Murphy William, carpenter, r. and 8th bet. O'Fallon Cass av
Murphy William, drayman, r. es. and Barlow b. Chouteau av. Gratiot
Murphy William, lab., bds. nr. waterworks
Murphy William, lab., bds. 43 Gay
Murphy William, lab., r. 128 Collins
Murphy William, lab., r. 5 Waddingham
Murphy William, porter, 17 O'Fallon
Murphy William, porter, Rogers & McCormick. 125 n. 4th
Murphy William, saloon, 18 Morgan, r.
Murphy William tailor r. al. bet. and 17th 18th, Biddle O'Fallon
Murphy William, waiter, Monroe House, r. same
Murphy William C., mason, r. ss. and Carr bet. 20th 21st
Murphy William D., bootmaker, r. 151 n. 11th
Murphy William H., millwright, bds. 333 n. Main
Murphy & Bro., (William Dennis) plumbers, 20 Myrtle
Murphy & McCullen, Murphy (John Mccullen) William saloon, 171½ s. Levee
Murran James, jr., collector, bds. 238 Biddle