St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Niuman Charles, horseshoer, bds. Rock Springs
Niven John, (Perry & Niven) r. 248 Market
Nixon James, carpenter, r. rear 19 Mound
Nixon James, lab., r. es. and 16th bet. Montgomery Spring
Nixon John, bookkeeper, bds. 243 Broadway
Nixon John, driver, r. ns. and Autumn bet. South Stoddard av
Nixon John, machinist, bds. 700 Broadway
Nixon John, machinist, r. ws. and Menard bet. Marion Carroll
Nixon Joseph, hatter, rooms 271 Broadway
Nixon Josiah, mate, bds. 170 n. 12th
Nixon L. B., bookkeeper, r. 101 8th
Nixon William, machinist, r. 354 n. 2d
Nixon William, watchman, r. es. and Columbus bet. Marion Carroll
Nixon William, mate, r. 170 n. 12th
Nmach Daniel, baker, bds. 335 Broadway
Noaath Anthony, saloon, r. 220 n. 11th
Noack William, lab., r. 223 s. 4th
Noakes Benjamin, mail agent, r. 199 n. 14th
Noasa George J., butcher, r. ns. and Lafayette b. Fulton Decatur
Nobel Edward, insurance agent, bds. Frederic House
NOBLE ALBERT J., paper hangings, 64 n. 5th, r. Broadway.
Noble Cornelius G., carpenter, bds. 241 n. 14th
Noble Frederick, (Noble & Diekmann) r. 209 n. 9th
Noble Henry B., deputy Sheriff, r. 62 Plum
Noble & Diekmann, Noble (Frederick Diekmann) William tailors, 209 n. 9th
Nock William, photographer, bds. 238 Broadway
Noddenmann H., shotmaker, r. 285 n. 12th
Noe Charles, barkeeper, r. 37 and 39 Walnut
Noe George, tailor, 22 Market, r. Soulard ne. c. Menard
Noecker B., rooms 63 Walnut
Noel Barnard, coppersmith, r. ns. and Benton b. 16th w. 16th
NOEL CHARLES, copper and tinsmith, 221 n. Main, r. Labeaume
Noel Frank S., (D. A. January & Co) r. 16 n. 8th
NOEL FREDERICK W., and confectioner, (Frederick W. Noel & Co) 63 Carondelet av., r.
Noel Orban, saloon, 49 Carondelet av., r.
Noel Patrick, shoemaker, 105 Chesnut, bds. Morgan ne. c. 12th
NOEL FREDERICK W. & CO., Noel (Frederick W. Hampe) Franz saloon, 59 Carondelet avenue
Noerr John, baker, r. 194 Wash
Noerr Martin L., clerk, r. 194 Wash
Noerr Solomon, clerk, Charless, Blow & Co., bds. 194 Wash
Noerr William H., clerk, H. Jackels, r. 194 Wash
Noerthen Edward, painter, and 3d b. Convent Hazel
Noetterman Louis, saddler, r. es, and 23d b. Morgan Franklin av
Noggle Isaac, 258 n. 3th r.
NOGUES PETER A., professor, Rev., St. Louis University, r. same
Nohl Charles, (Block & Evers) r. 188 n. 7th
Nohl Dina, boarding, r. ws. near Decatur Carroll
Nohldekemp Frederick, brickmoulder, r. ss. and Marquette b. 2d Carondelet av. Buena Vista
Nohlter Frederick, teamster, r. ws. and McNair b. Arrow Ohio
Noi Lewis, barkeeper, Philip Nax, bds. 161 s. Main
Nois Simon F., carpenter, r. 7th sw. c. Allen av
Nokel Mary, wid. Frederick, r. 409 s. 7th
Nolan Christopher, lab., r. es. and Ham b. Chouteau av. Hickory
Nolan Donnel, clerk, r. 313 Washington av
Nolan Edward N., carpenter, r. alley b. 8th 9th O'Fallon
Nolan Ellen, wid. James, r. O'Fallon nw. c. 6th
Nolan Francis, clerk, bds. 226 Morgan
Nolan Frank, lab., bds. 341 Morgan
Nolan James, grocer, 148 n. 11th bds. Christy avenue