St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Norris James C., clerk, P. O., bds. 108 Pine
Norris James N., (Ober, Norris & Co.) r. es. and 11th b. Market Clark av
Norris John, bricklayer, r. 203 n. 14th
Norris John P., (Norris & Garesche) r. 262 s. 7th
Norris John W., salesman, J. B. Sickles & Co., rooms 18 s. 6th
Norris Patrick, lab., bds. 72 Morgan
Norris Robert, carpenter, r. 62 Washington av
Norris Thomas, watchman, r. 111 O'Fallon
NORRIS & GARESCHE, Western Spice Mills, Norris (John P. Garesche) Ferd. L. proprietors of Western Spice Mills, and 7th b. Chouteau av. Gratiot, office n. 2d
Norrish John, mllier, bds. 14 Biddle
Norstraum Charles, gilder, r. Market se. c. 3d
Nort August, porter, r. es. and 23d bet. Morgan Franklin av
North American Insurance Company, Main se, c. Vine
North Charles, tailor, r. 202 n. 11th
North Freeman School, Carr ne. c. 16th
NORTH MISSOURI R.R. OFFICE, 4th nw. c. Locust, depot n. Market c. 2d
North St. Louis Engine House, es. and Broadway b. Angelrodt Buchanan
North St. Louis Citizens 'Mutual Savings' Fund and Loan Association 35 n. Market
North William, (North. Scott & Co.) r. country
NORTH, SCOTT & CO., (William North, Scott William P. Davis Andrew boots and shoes, 79 n. Main.
Northen William, bricklayer, r. 82 n. 9th
NORTHERN LINE PACKET OFFICE, 64 n. Commercial n. Levee
Northern School of the Brothers of the Church of the Holy Ghost, ws. and 11th b. Carr Biddle
Northrop Charles, salesman, Wm. R. Greene & Co., bds. ss. Morgan nr. Leffingwell av
Northrop Frederick, lab., r. ws. and Grattan b. Carroll Lafayette
Northrop Henry M., clerk, Weirick, Scudder & Co., rooms 38 Pine
Northrop William A., (William Young & Co.) bds. bds. Barnum's Hotel
Northrup Ashley K., (Northrup & Tomlinson) bds. and Chesnut b. 10th 11th
NORTHRUP & TOMLINSON, Northrup (Ashley K. Tomlinson) Sheldon commission 24, n. Commercial
Nortman Francis, tailor, r. 107 Biddle
Norton Catherine, wid. Martin, r. 84 n. 10th
Norton Daniel, stoneman, r. 241 O'Fallon
Norton James, lab., r. es. n. and 2d b. Columbia Bates
Norton John, painter, r. 349 Broadway
Norton John B., clerk, r. ws. Menard nr. Park av
Norton Josiah P., steamboat agent, 17 Olive, r. Brooklyn sw. c. 9th
Norton Joseph, clerk, bds. 320 n. 9th
Norton Martin, stonecutter, r. 90 Christy av
Norton Patrick, bricklayer, r. 7th nr. Ann av
Norton Patrick, lab. r. 224 n. 8th
Northrup Dedrick, lab., r. al. rear Barlow b. Gratiot Orchard
Nortrup Henry, grocer, ns. and Singleton b. 15th 16th r.
Norvol Henry, (col'd) r. ss. al b. and Market Walnut w. s. 7th
Norwille Susan A. H., wid. Francis B., dressmaker, 125 n. 7th, r.
Norwalk John, shoemaker, r. and Buel b. Lafayette Emmet
Norwell Thomas H., salesman, George Rogers
Norwood Andrew A., printer, bds. 53½ Vine
Norwood James H., printer, bds. 53½ Vine
Noss Christian, stonemason, r. and Easton bet. Barton Victor