St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Ober Robert P., (R. P. Ober & Co) r. ss. and Pine b. 13th 14th
Ober Thomas W., foreman, Garnett & Withington, r. 396 n. 7th
Ober William A., bookkeeper, Lewis, Perry & Co., bds. Virginia Hotel
OBER, NORRIS & CO., Ober, R. H. Norris, E. R. Taylor, L. E. Norris) J. N. who. grocers, 62 n. 2d.
OBER R. P. & CO., (Robert P. Ober Albert G. Rearick) Charles D. who. grocers, 117 n. 2d
Oberback Christian, policeman, r. ns. near Soulard Jackson
Oberchelp Herman, boxmaker, r. 283 n. 12th
Oberfoll Ignatz, butcher, 32 North Market, r. Broadway
Oberfoll William, butcher, 3 North Market, r. Mile House
Obergehner Frederick, turner, bds. Broadway sw. c. Madison
Oberhaus Henry, (Sandmeier & Oberhaus) r. ws. and 9th b. O'Fallon Cass av
Oberhouse Henry, teamster, r. 766 Broadway
Oberland Joseph, lab., r. and Buel b. Lafayette Emmett
Oberle Conrad, hairdresser, ss. and Franklin av. b. 22d 23d, r.
Oberle Joseph, tailor, r. and Estella b. 19th 20th
Oberlin Abraham, whitewasher, r. es. and Decatur bet Soulard Lafayette
Obermeier August, snuffmaker, r. es. and 12th b. Cass av. O'Fallon
Obermeyer Frederick, porter, r. 154 Wash
Obermeyer Frederick, porter, Bryan & Hardcastle, r. and Biddle b. 9th 10th
Obermeyer Joseph, lab., r. ss. Russell av. nr. Decatur
Obermeyer Lewis, clothing, 234 Franklin av. r. n. 13th b. Carr Biddle
Obermeyer William, carpenter and builder, 205 n. 8th r.
Obermeyer William, porter, Cuno, Mense & Meyer, r. 285 n. 12th
Obermier Frank, lab., r. 306 Morgan
Obermier Henry, lab., r. 306 Morgan
Obermier Mary, wid. Joseph, r. 306 Morgan
Obernier Peter, (P. Obernier & Bro.,) bds. 304 Morgan
Obernier William, (P. Obernier & Bro.,) bds. 304 Morgan
Obernier & Bro., mnfrs., (Peter William,) maccaroni and vermicelli mnfrs., ss. al. b. and Franklin av. Wash, 15th 16th
Oberreiter Anton, plasterer, r. near Warren Pratte avenue
Oberschalp Dietrich, porter, r. ws. and 9th b. Biddle O'Fallon
OBERSCHELP WILLIAM, beer saloon, 38 and 40 Morgan, r.
Obershaw William, porter, Daniel G. Taylor & Co., r. ws. and 9th b. Biddle O'Fallon
Obershelp Henry, moulder, r. Monroe se. c. 14th
Obershen Joseph, moulder, r. ws. and 17th b. Monroe Jefferson
Obershimer John, wagonmaker, r. 437 n. 9th
Oberskalp Herman, lab., r. al. b. and 11th 12th n. O'Fallon
Obert Charles C., stove store, 1173 Broadway, bds n. 9th b. Salisbury Farrar
Obert Michael, butcher. Ashbrook & Maratta, r. and Franklin av. b. 8th 9th
Obertin John, beer saloon, 263 s. 2d, r
OBERTS JOHN, butcher, 16 Biddle Market r. Bremen
Obrecht Mathias, clerk, r. 50 Carondelet av
Obrecht Valentine, liquors, ws. same Jackson nr. Miller, r.
Obroek Charles, grocer, 1166 Broadway, r.
Obushon Mary, wid. Francis, r. es. near Columbus Marion