St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Oestraezer Henry, blacksmith, r. ws. near Fulton Barry
Oeters Frederick O., porter, Louis Roever, bds. 64 s Main
Oetker Frederick W., cigarmaker, I. A. Day
Oeters Franz Fred, shoemaker, r. 322 n. 9th
OETERS OTTO, leather and findings, 64 s. Main, r.
Oetker William, cigarmaker, bds. 31 Green
Oetzel George, boxmaker, rear es. Wash b. 16th 17th, r. ns. Franklin av. b. 19th
Ofenstein Adam, saloon, 449 Morgan, r.
Oferbeck John, tailor, r. rear 214 n. Market
Offala John, tailor, r. 222 n. 11th
Offenbucher George N., carpenter, r. es. and DeKalb b. Lafayette L'esperance
Offer August, clerk, r. rear 148 Franklin av
Offerman Frederick, carpenter, r. Orchard nr. Barlow
Offerman Bernard, lab., r. 270 Biddle
Offerman John, striker, r. 270 Biddle
Ogden Abraham, r. rear 293 s. 5th
Ogden Alfred B., architect, 76 Chesnut, r. Chesnut
Ogden Eli, pressman, Studley & Co., bds. 15 s. 13th
Ogden Hiram, plasterer, r. 165 Washington av.
Ogden James, moulder, r. rear 293 s. 5th
Ogden James, plasterer, r. ss. near Thomas Elliott avenue
Ogden Joseph, sawyer, r. 244 n. 8th
Oghterback Daniel, carpenter, r. 206 Franklin av
Oglesby J. L., bds. St. Louis House
OGLESBY JOSEPH H., com mer., Walnut ne. c. 137 Commercial, r. s. 5th
Oglesby William, blacksmith, bds. Iron Mountain Hotel
Oglesby William K., lab., bds. Iron Mountain Hotel
Ogletre James, lab., bds. ns. Benton nr. 16th
Ohberle Louis, r. rear Estelle nw. c. 19th
Ohio & Miss. Baggage Office, 7 s. 3d
OHIO & MISSISSIPPI R. R. Freight Office, ne. c. and Carr 2d
OHIO & MISSISSIPPI R. R. General Office, Main ne. c. Walnut.
OHIO & MlSSISSIPPI R. R. Ticket Office, 28 n. 4th
Ohl William, painter, r. ws. al. b. and Jackson Columbus Carroll
Ohlandt Bernard, carpenter, r. ws, al. b. and Angelrodt Buchanan, 11th 12th
Ohlandt Caspar, teamster, r. es. Bellefontaine rd. nr. Angelrodt
Ohlandt Henry, teamster, r. es. Bellefontaine rd. nr. Angelrodt
Ohlendiek Henry, cigars, tobacco and snuff, 42 Pine, r.
Ohlman Christian, porter, Shidy & Loomis, r. ns. and Jefferson b. 12th 13th
Ohlman Joseph, boatman, r. 47 O'Fallon
Ohlman Lawrence, pilot, r. 58 Brooklyn
Ohlman Michael, pilot, r. 11 Brooklyn
Ohlmann Christian, porter, r. ns. near Jefferson 12th
Ohlmayer Henry, riverman, r. 281 n. 12th
Ohlmeir Henry, shoemaker, bds. ss. and Mallinckrodt b. 11th 12th
Ohlmotz John, lab., r. ns. near Carroll Closey
Ohlmann Louis, painter, 39 Lombard, r.
Ohme William, news carrier, r. 166 n. 14th
Ohmes John W., lab. r. ss. and Julia bet. 7th Fulton
Ohonimous Henry, tailor, r. ws. 2d nr. Mullanphy
Ohnsork Thornas, tailor, r. 163 s. 2d
Ohnsork Meinrod, tailor, r. 163 s. 2d
Ohrenschall Christian, grocer, 154 s. 2d, r.
Ojimann John, drayman, Cass av. c. 13th
Okel Charles, tailor, r. 2 Gay
Okel Conrad, butcher, 33 Center Market, r. Victor nr. Jackson
Okely John M., (Okely & Co.) r. 106 Elm
OKELY & CO., Okely John M. Austwick) John slate and comp. roofers, 7th sw. c. Walnut