St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Pearce George C., cashier, Henning & Woodruff, r. 319 Chesnut
Pearce John B., fireman, r. ws. and 7th bet. Barry Park av
Pearce Reuben B., bookkeeper, David Pearce, bds. Virginia Hotel
Pearman Charles M., carpenter, bds. ws. and 14th bet. Monroe Market
Pearo Augustus, peddler, r. 135 Morgan
Pears Innic, lab., r. 109 s. 7th
Pearson Gearmon, r. 82 Mound
Pearson Henry, clerk, 4th sw. c. Elm
Pearson Ira J., road master's clerk, P. R. R., bds. Monroe House
Pearson John, (T. D. Copp & Co.) r. New York
Pearson Richard M., bookkeeper, P. Crow & Sons, rooms 27 n. 5th
Pearson Thomas, blacksmith, r. 321 s. 3d
Pearson William H., (Lockwood, Pearson & Co.) r. 78 Myrtle
Pearts Edward, driver, r. 219 Biddle
Peas James, lab., r. 59 s. 10th
Peas Philip, cooper, r. 118 s. 2d
Peas William, butcher, r. of Manchester rd. s. Olive
Pease Henry A., stoneware, mnfr. 57 s. 7th
Pease Hugh, lab., r. 65 Green
Pease Joseph S., secretary Pilot Knob Iron Co., r. 145 s. 4th
Pease Oliver C., clerk, Kimball & Senter, bds. 145 s. 4th
Peaskan Antoine, blacksmith, bds. 16th sw. c. Benton
Peat Charles, founder, r. es. and 2d Carondelet av. bet. Park av. Carroll
Peay Robert W., (W. H. Smith & R. W. Peay) r. 58 Mullanphy
Pechel Louis, confectioner, 231 s. 4th, r.
Pechmann William, china and glassware, 89 Carondelet av., r.
Peck Ada E., wid. Charles, teacher bds. 181 Pine
Peck Atwater, clerk, Child, Pratt & Fox, r. 86 Pine
Peck Burwell, clerk, James Ham, bds. 86 Pine
Peck Charles, fireman, r. al. b. and Park av. Barry, 7th Fulton
Peck Charles, lab., r. 127 Park av
Peck Charles, painter, r. al. b. and Biddle O'Fallon, 7th 8th
PECK CHARLES H., architect, (J. W. & C.H. Peck) (V. P. Mo. State Mutual F. M. Ins. Co.) r. 2 Gay's bldg., Locust
Peck Drucilla, wid. Harvey, r. rear 231 n. 14th
Peck Frederick, cooper, r. ss. near Geyer av. Menard
Peck James J., barkeeper, r. 70 n. 3d
Peck John H., carpenter, bds. 43 Howard
Peck John W., (C. H. & J. W. Peck) r. Leffingwell av. sw. c. Olive
Peck Louis, saloon, and Laclede av. bet. Beaumont Leffingwell av., r.
Peck Louis, shoemaker. 133 n. 12th
Peck Lucius S., bookkeeper, Hazeltine & Bent bds. 5th sw. c. Wash
Peck Luzern J., (L. J. Peck & Co) bds. 9 n. 13th
Peck William, boarding, 86 Olive, r.
Peck William G., bricklayer, r. and 11th b. O'Fallon Cass av
Peck J. & Co., Peck (Luzern J. Hale) Frederick E. silver platers, 71½ Olive
Peck J. W. & C. H., (John W. Peck) Charles H. planing mill, near Park av. 7th
Peckel Jacob, stoneyard, 135 19th ne. c. Carr, r. n. 11th
Pecker Frederick, cooper, r. 1357 Broadway
Pecker Herman, blacksmith, bds. 489 Morgan
Pecker Louis, carpenter, r. and Barry bet. 7th Fulton
PECKHAM JAMES, reporter, bds. 58 n. 8th
PECKHAM ANDREW C., wines and liquors, and 4th ne. c. Green, Merchants' Exc'g r. 17th se. c. Carr