St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Pelot Frank, carpenter, r. es. al. b. and Carondelet av. 7th nr. Soulard
Pelster Bernard, carpenter, r. and Randolph b. 18th 19th
Pelster William, carpenter, r. al. bet. and Biddle O'Fallon, 6th 7th
Pelt Alleta, wid. George, r. ss. and Biddle bet. 22d 23d
Peltauf Peter, blacksmith, r. ss. and Victor b. Jackson Columbus
Peltier Gerymy, coffee house, r. 62 Cedar
PEMBROKE JAMES W., watchmaker and jeweler 4 s. 6th, r.
Pemritz Johanna, boarding, 597 Broadway
Penberthy Samuel, machinist, r. 354 n. 2d
Pengarst Mary, widow Lawrence, r. b. and 9th 10th Franklin av. Morgan
Pening John, musician, r. Carondelet av. sw. c. Carroll
Pennington Samuel, miller, r. Barry ne. c. Fulton
Pender Martin, grocer, 720 Broadway, r.
Pendegrass John, starter. R. R., r. 449 Carondelet avenue
Pendergast Edward, lab., r. es. al. bet. and Carr Biddle 11th 12th
Pendergast Gerritt, teamster, bds. 38 s. 10th
Pendergast Thomas, carpenter, r. al. ne. of O'Fallon 8th
Pendigast John, r. 135 O'Fallon
Pendleton Allen D., bookkeeper, Berthold, Smith & Co., r. 18 n. 15th
Pendleton Edwin S., carpenter, r. and Randolph bet. 12th 13th
Pendleton Eugene B., (Pendleton & Jouett) r. 18 n. 15th
Pendleton Henry, bookkeeper, R. P. Hall, r. 18 n. 15th
PENDLETON & JOUETT, com. mers., Pendleton (Eugene B. William Jouett) R. com. mers., 16 Pine
Penman George, lab., r. ns. and Division bet. 24th 25th
Penneger Peter, brewer, r. ws. and 20th bet. Market Estelle
Pennell Calvin T., teacher, r. 307 Chesnut
Penney Francis L., stencilcutter, r. and 11th b. Wash Carr
Penniman Henry C., bookkeeper, r. 25 s. 5th
Penninger John, teamster, r. es. 2d Carondelet av. nr. Arsenal
Penningroth Henry, brickyard, near Cass av. 20th, r. 21st c. n. Market
Penningroth William, clerk, bds. 21st c. n. Market
Pennington William A., dep. clerk, Circuit Court, 105 Court House, r. Pine
Pennington William H., teamster, r. 326 2d
Pensien August, printer, r. se. c. and Barlow Orchard
PENTLAND WILLIAM J., block and pumpmaker, 267 n. Main, r. n. 5th
Pentley John, saddler, bds. 246 n. 12th
Pentony Thomas, carpenter, r. es. al. bet. and 9th 10th, Biddle O'Fallon
Pentwell Mary, widow James B., r. 204 n. 6th
Peoples' Insurance Co., Park av. nw. c. 5th
Peotter widow G., r. se. c. and Clark av. Naomi
PEPER CHRISTIAN, tobacco and cigars, 183 n. Main, r. n. 6th
Peper Frederick, grocer, same 6th nw. c. Wash, r.
Pepper Austin, brakesman, P. R. R., r. rear ns. Austin b. 15th 16th
Pepper Emanuel, engineer, r. 149 n. 7th
Pepper Manuel, engineer, (col'd) 55 and 57 Franklin avenue
Pepper Samuel, steamboat clerk, bds. 209 Chesnut
Pepperkorn Henry, bds. ws. al. b. and Angelrodt Buchanan Bellefontaine rd. 11th
Pepperkon William G., lab., r. rear ss. Austin bet. 16th Tayon av
Peppersack Henry, lab., r. ws. and 15th bet. O'Fallon Cass av.