St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
PEPPLER CASPER, saloon and boarding, n. same Market sw. c. Main, r.
Peppler Gustavus, clerk, r. es. 14th nr. Marion
Peppler John, lab., r. ws. and Menard bet. Marion Carroll
Peraler John, shoemaker, r. 182 s. 2d
Peran Petro G., sculptor, r. 7 s. 3d
Perani Peter, modeller, r. ns. and Lombard b. 2d 3d
Percell Edward, shoemaker, bds. 319 Washington avenue
Percival John, bookkeeper, McMechan & Ballentine, r. 311 n. 6th
Percy Alfred, porter, r. 156 n. 10th
Percy Isaiah, carpenter, r. es. and 10th b. Webster Chambers
Perdew Thomas F., pilot, r. 155 Christy av
Perez Gregory, bartender, r. 55 s. 4th
Pericay James, saloon, same Washington av. se. c. 7th, r.
Perine Isaac N., patternmaker, r. 217 n. 7th
Perker Bernard, tailor, r. al. bet. and Main 2d Elm
Perkins Eliza O., widow David, r. 49 s. 5th
Perkins Henry, cook, r. 60 Almond
Perkins John, timekeeper, bds. 779 Broadway
Perkins Keziah, (col'd) wid. Constant, r. 75 n. 11th
Perkins Nathan W., (S. C. Davis & Co.) r. 209 Chesnut
Perkins William, saloon, 3 Morgan, r.
Perks Thomas, bricklayer, r. ws. Summit av. op. Pacific
Perks William, bricklayer, bds. ws. Summit av. op. Pacific
Perl William, cabinetmaker, r. Fulton nw. c. Barry
Permer Thomas J., steamboat clerk, bds. Exchange Hotel
Perniger Frederick, lab., r. es. and 10th bet. Marion Carroll
Pero Daniel, lab., r. ws. and 2d bet. Mulberry Lombard
Peroni Christopher, figuremaker, r. 162 Broadway
Perpoli Louis, figuremaker, 162 Broadway, r.
Perreault Maurice, steward, King's Hotel
Perret Augustus L., (R. F. Sass & Co) r. 229 Carr
Perret Charles, clerk, 6 s. 3d
Perret Edward, clerk, Whittaker & Burnett, r. 229 Carr
Perrier August, saloon, 44½ n. Levee, r.
Perrigan John, lab., bds. 72 Morgan
Perrin baker, r. ws. and 11th bet. Angelrodt Destrehan
Perrin John, painter, bds. 499 Broadway
Perrin John B., cigarmaker, bds. 25 s. 7th
Perrin Louis X., cigars and tobacco, 25 s. 7th Walnut c. 2d, r. s. 7th
Perrin Paul, (Paul Perrin & Co.) boards Bennett's Hotel
Perrin Richard, turner, bds. es. Broadway nr. Florida
PERRIN PAUL & CO., mnfrs., Perrin (Paul Sweet) Galuchia B. carriage mnfrs., es. and 10th b. Cass av. Mullanphy
Perrine Charles, (Young, Brothers & Co.) r. 241 Olive
Perritt moulder, bds. 779 Broadway
Perry tanner, bds. 74 s. 5th
Perry Anson, farmer, bds. Burnett House
Perry David, bricklayer, bds. 215 Olive
Perry Edward, driver, r. ss. and Park av. b. 2d Carondelet av. Mississippi av
Perry George, painter, 271 s. 5th, r.
Perry Ira, (Perry & Nevin) bds. 248 Market
Perry James, carpenter, bds. 45 n. 12th
Perry James, clerk, bds. King's Hotel
Perry John D., Exchange Bank (Lewis, Perry & Co.) pres. r. 316 Morgan
Perry Lilburn P., physician, r. 242 Chesnut
Perry Mary L., wid. William, House of Industry, 77 Pine, r.
Perry Richard, reporter, Merchant's Ex., rooms Carr 15th