St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Blomberg Frederick M., porter Dickson, Orr &Co. r. 12th ne. c. O'Fallon
Blomberg Joseph, painter, r. alley bet. 11th 12th s. Cass av
Blome Edward, clerk Blome & Lindenschmit, bds, near Centre Clark av
Blome Emil, (Blome & Lindenschmit,) r. 76 Centre
Blome Henry, grocer, r. 76 Centre
Blome & Lindenschmit, Blome (Emil Lindenschmit,) Joseph se. c. and 14th, Market
Blomeger Henry, tailor, bds. 172 Biddle
Blomier Herman, riverman, r. ws. alley, bet. Angelrodt Buchanan, 11th
Blomker William, lab., bds. ne. c. and 13th Jefferson
Bloms Tobias, dairyman, r. ss. and Chouteau av., bet. Compton Thomas
Blonded James P., salesman D. Landreth & Son, r. 30 Christy av
Blonker Ernst, lab., r. ss. and Market, bet. 20th 21st
BLOOD CHARLES S., (H. B. & Co.,) r. 19 n. 8th
Blood George W., book keeper Davenport & Drake, r. es. and 8th, bet, Gratiot av. Cerre
Blood Harriet, ladies academy, 86 n. 7th, r.
BLOOD HENRY B., (H. B. & C. S. Blood,) r. 114 n. 9th
Blood James H., clerk Comptroller's office, r. es. and 8th, bet. Cerre Gratiot
Blood John H., tailor mer. 21 n. 3d, bds. Planters' House
Blood Nathaniel, clerk city market, r. es. and 8th, bet. Gratiot Cerre
BLOOD SULLIVAN, pres. Boatman's Savings Institution, and treas. Hope M.F. Ins. Co., r. 19 n. 8th
BLOOD H. B. & C.S. forward. (Henry B. Charles S., forward. and com. merchants, 34 n. Levee n.
Bloom Anthony, clerk William Becker, bds. and Warren, bet. 9th Broadway
Bloom Charles, brewer, r. and Bellefontaine road, bet. Dock Harrison
Bloom Henry, basket maker, r. ws. alley, bet. 9th Broadway bet. Malinckrodt Destrehan
Bloom Rachel, widow Herman, r. rear 764 Broadway
Bloome John, cup maker, r. es. alley, bet. Wash Franklin av
Bloomer E., bds. Barnum's Hotel
Bloomkamp Henry, carriage maker, Theodore Salorgne
Bloomokemper Henry, brick maker, r. and Geyer av., bet. Menard Buel
BLOSSOM CHALMER D., sect. Globe Ins. Co., r. 112 n. 9th
Blossom Henry, printer, r. 112 n. 9th
Blossom Henry M., book keeper, Globe Mutual Ins.Co., r. 100 Wash
Blossom Rupheg, pilot, r. 112 n. 9th
Blossom William, r. 112 n. 9th
Blossom William, (Blossom & Co.,)
Blossom & Co., Blossom (William N. Favor,) C. D. saloon, 71 n. 4th
Blotefogel William, sawyer, r. ws. and Broadway, bet. Destrehan Malinckrodt
BLOTEVOGEL HENRY, tailor, 361 Franklin av., bds. 18th
Blotevogel Louis, drayman, W. L. Ewing & Co.. bds. ss. and Wash, bet. 17th 18th
Blouhar John, laborer, r. and Buel bet. Lafayette Emmet
BLOW HENRY T., pres. Collier White Lead and oil Co.,and Blow & kennett,) r. at Carondelet
Blow Peter E., (Blow & Kennett,) r. at Granby
Blow Taylor, (Charless, Blow & Co.,) r. near Shenandoah, Minnesota
Blow William T., (Charless, Blow & Co.,) r. Stringtown road
Blow & Kennett, pro'prs Granby Lead Mines, Blow, (Henry T. Blow Peter E. Kennett,) Ferdinand pro'prsGranby Lead Mines, 15 s. Main
Bluechner George, lab., bds. 255 s. 2d