St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Pigott Austin, r. es. of 6th s. Gratiot
Pigott William, lab., r. 193 n. 8th
Pigott William, plasterer, r. rear 231 n. 14th
Pikard Andrew B., agent, bds. 1 St. Charles
Pike Adolph, carpenter, r. 359 s. 7th
Pike Edward C., (Pike & Kellogg) r. near Cheltenham
Pike Edwin S., printer, bds. 55 Collins
Pike Frederick B., bookkeeper, r. 97 n. 16th
Pike Henry, (Henry Pike & Co) r. 257 Washington avenue
Pike Reuben, boatman, bds. 325 n. 6th
Pike Henry & Co., Pike (Henry Myers) Lawrence wines and liquors whol., 125 n. 2d, distillery n. LEvee
PIKE & KELLOGG, Pike (Edward C. Kellogg) Sanford B. drugs, paints, &c., 129 n 2d.
Pilcher clerk, bds. 22 n. 12th
Pilcher Archibald M., carpenter, r. ws. and 10th bet. w. Brooklyn Webster
Pilcher Henry, piano tuner, r. 113 n. 16th
Pilcher Henry, organ builder, bds. 193 Pine
Pilcher Henry, jr., organ builder, 116 n. 15th, r. Morgan
Pilcher John W., furniture, 140 Market, r. country
Pilcher Joseph W., carpenter, r. ns. and Montgomery b. 9th Broadway
Pilcher Thomas, organ builder, r. 103 n. 15th
Pilgrim Henry, carpenter, r. n. Green c. 19th
Pilgrim Matthias, teamster, r. Conde c. Elliott
Pilkey John P., (Pilkey & Smith) bds. Barnum's Hotel
Pilkey & Smith, Pilkey (John P. Smith) Charles A. wines and liquors, 31 s. Levee
Pilkington Henry, r. ws. and Barry b. 7th Fulton
Pilkington Julian, bds. 6th nw. c. Market
Pilkington Samuel B., r. ws. and Barry b. 7th Fulton
Pillsbury James A. H., grocer, same 2d sw. c. Lombard, r.
Pilly Frank, candlemaker, Kosciusko c. Barton
PILOT KNOB IRON CO., 34 n. Commercial
Pils Herman, tailor, same O'Fallon nw. c. 12th, r.
Pilsticker Daniel, tailor, r. 332 s. 2d
Piltz tailor, 41 Franklin av
Piltz Henry, wagonmaker, es. near Moore Market
Pim Lewis T., physician, 6th se. c. Pine
Pinaud Eugene, (Pinaud & Gilbert) r. 29 n. 4th
PINAUD & GILBERT, Pinaud (Eugene Gilbert) Alphonse wigmakers and haircutters, 29 n. 4th
Pine Ebenezer, shoemaker, bds. 45 s. 3d
Pine James, ins. agent, 13 Main, r. ws. Emily bet. Bernard Adams
Pine James, shoemaker, bds. 45 s. 3d
Pine Michael, steward, bds. 58 s. 3d
Pinebauer Charles, lab., bds. 222 s. 2nd
Pines Ezekiel, porter (col'd) Boatman's Saving Institution, r. 79 Orange
Pinger Frederick, marblecutter, bds. 832 Broadway
Pingsten Charles, lab., r. rear ss. Spring b. 13th 14th
Pinische Anna, wid. Charles, r. 624 Broadway
Pinkepank Christian, lab., r. ss. Park av. n. Menard
Pinter John, cigarmaker, bds. 195 s. 4th
Pipe Edward, bricklayer, bds. ss. and Chambers b. 11th 12th
Pipe George, bricklayer, r. ws. and 10th b. w. Brooklyn Webster
Pipe John, plaining mill, and Levee b. Carr Biddle, r. ss. Chambers, b. 11th 12th
Piper Antone, teamster, r. al. b. and 8th 9th, Rutgers Park av
Piper Charles, r. 200 n. 9th
Piper Constant J., (F. A. Reuss & Co.,) r. 255 Pine
Piper Henry, carpenter, r. ss. and Orchard b. Barlow 11th
Piper Henry, tailor, r. 25 Benton
Piper Herman, carpenter, bds 45 n. 12th
Piper Thomas, finisher, r. 8th nw. c. O'Fallon