St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Polanz Julius, papercarrier, r. ss. and Franklin av. bet. 22d 23d
Polajack Martin, lab., r. and Closey bet. Emmet Julia
Pole Anthony, saloon, 25 Pine, r.
Poleman Frederick, brickmaker, r. and Hamtramck bet. Julia Geyer av
Poleman Henry, brickmoulder, r. ss. and Carr bet. 24th 25th
Polhemus William S., (Hunt & Polhemus) r. 85 Spruce
POLICE OFFICE, ss. and Chesnut bet. Main 2d
Polifca Barbara, wid. Joseph, r. and Rosatti b. Lafayette Emmet
Politte Stephen, musician, r. 201 n. 7th
Politte Thomas, pumpmaker, r. 102 n. 7th
Politz Frederick, notary public, r. ss. and Market bet. 19th 20th
Polk Jehn W., bds. Planters House
POLK TRUSTEN, lawyer, Chesnut nw. c. 2d, r. Lucas Place se. c. 14th
Polkowski Edward S., (H. Renouard & Co.) r. ns. and Winter b. Stoddard av. 11th
Poll Hermann, lab., r. ss. Marion nr. 7th
Poll William, painter, r. 140 O'Fallon
Pollack Francis A., butcher, 30 Central Market
Pollack John, bookkeeper, J. R. Purvis & Co., r. ss. and Gratiot bet. 5th 6th
Pollak Simon, physician, 116 Market, r.
Pollak William, butcher, 43 Center market, r. Barsaloux n. Lynch
Polland Joseph, lab., bds. 830 Broadway
Pollard Benjamin, engineer, r. rear ns. Austin bet. 15th 16th
Pollard Daniel, policeman, 326 n. 8th
Pollard George L., lawyer, and asst. U. S. collector of customs, 29 Chesnut, Walnut
Pollard Isaac J., (Pollard & Renick,) r. 145 Chesnut
Pollard Isaac W., notary public, 76 Chesnut, r.
Pollard James R., physician, 102½ Locust,
Pollard John, porter, E. A. Damon & Co., r. 303 n. 8th
Pollard John B., r. 213 Carr
Pollard, John J. clerk, r. 453 Morgan
POLLARD & RENICK, Pollard Isaac J. Renick,) Robert M. real estate agents, 76 Chesnut, Kennett's Building
Pollart Jacob, lab., bds. rear 95 n. Levee
Pollazk Francis, butcher, r. ns. and Victor b. McNair Gravois road
Pollett Charles, machinist, r. 213 n. 14th
Pollett John, grocer, bds. ss. and Wash b. 22d 23d
Polley George W., salesman, Ferguson & Co., bds. Missouri Hotel
Polleys Alex., driver, bds. 272 Broadway
Pollhaus Philip, (Pollhaus & Hesse,) r. 233 n. 13th
POLLHAUS & HESSE, Pollhaus (Philip Hesse.) Ernst organ builders, ws. al. b. and 12th 13th Biddle O'Fallon
Pollman Hermann, drayman, r. 97 n. 17th
Pollman Simon, brickmaker, bds. ss. and Biddle b. 21st 22d
Pollmuller Ferdinand, porter, r. rear 125 n. 18th
Pollock Andrew carpenter, r. 88 Christy av
Pollock Henry W., salesman, Hayden & Wilson, r. 187 n. 6th
Pollock Jacob, clerk, W. Kyler, bds. 168 Broadway
Pollock James, bookkeeper, Richardson, Mellier & Co., r. 102 n. 9th
Pollock James S., clerk, Shapleigh,Da.y & Co., r. 187 n. 6th
Pollock Joseph, moulder, r. 8 n. 3d
Pollock Joseph, moulder, r. ns. near Smith Lewis
POLLOCK M. E. FERNANDO, commissioner common schools, and McDonough's building, Olive b. 3d 4th, r. 5th sw. c. Wash
POLLOCK WILLIAM, lawyer, bds. 180 n. 5th
Pollok Charles, clerk, Armstrong & Kinnear
Polman Henry, lab., r. es. near 13th Madison
Polmann John, r. 222 Franklin av
Polmina Henry, lab., ns. and Jefferson b. 12th 13th