St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Prigged Friederich, lab., bds. Bergesch Cave
Primeau Charles, (P. Pasquier & Co.) r. Nebraska Territory
Primeau Joseph L., clerk, 240 Broadway
Primeau Louis, r. 34 Lebeaume
Primer Charles, clerk, r. ss. and Hickory b. 5th 6th
Primm Charles, lawyer, 53½ Chesnut, r. Elm
Primm Wilson, lawyer, 53½ Chesnut, r. Carondelet
Primrose John, bricklayer, r. ss. and Davis bet. 22d 23d
Primrose Thomas, bds. Planters' House
Primble Daniel, blacksmith, bds. 43 Gay
Prince Giles, drayman, (col'd) McKay & Hood, r. Pine ne. c. 28th
Prince Jolm B., tinner, r. al. bet. and Mulberry Cedar
Prince Theresa, wid. Benjamin, (col'd) r. es. bet. and Jackson Columbus nr. Carroll
Prince William, lab., bds. 361 Franklin av
Pringle Hamilton, lab., r. al. bet. and Biddle O'Fallon 7th 8th
Prisner M., artist, bds. 37 and 39 Walnut
Pritchard Charles G., hairdresser, (col'd) 33 Green, r.
Pritchard Edward T., salesman, Joseph E. Elder &Co., bds. Everett House
Prichard George B., engineer, City Waterworks, r. ss. and Biddle bet. 23d 24th
Pritchard James, clerk, Lumberman's and Mechanic's Ins. Co., bds. ns. and Chouteau av. b. 12th 13th
Pritchard John B., stonecutter, r. 81 Gay
Pritchard John N., sec Lumberman's and Mechanic's Ins. Co., r. ns. and Chouteau av. bet. 12th 13th
Pritchard Walter, clerk, Ubsdell, Peirson & Co., r. al. bet, and 14th 15th, Franklin av. Wash
Pritchard Willis R., supt. waterworks, r. 95 n. 10th
Pritchartt William H., sec. Phœnix Ins. Co., r. 223 Chesnut
Pritty Francis, plasterer, bds. ss. and Gratiot b. Barlow Catalpa
Probat William, lab., r. ws. and 9th bet. Biddle O'Fallon
Probate Court, Court House
Lrobst Edward, clerk, Barnard & & Co
Probst Elizabeth, wid. William, r. 98 s. 14th
Probst William, lab., r. es. al. bet. and 9th 10th, Biddle O'Fallon
Probst William, porter, bds. 98 s. 14th
Probst William, saddler, r. ws. and 3d bet. Rutgers Convent
Prochaska Joseph, printer, bds. Soulard se. c. Buel
Procter William, veterinary surgeon, 89 n. 10th, r.
Proctor Alexander, Rev., bds. Virginia Hotel
Proctor Charles E., carpenter, bds. 76 n. 16th
Proff Stephen, porter, 306 Broadway
Propper Henry, finisher J. T. Dowdall & Co.
Propst August, carpenter, r. ss. Geyer av. nr, Buel
Prosch Franklin, musician, r. 184 Wash
Proser John, carpenter, ns. and Lafayette av. b. Menard Buel
Prosser William, carpenter, r. 23 Howard
Prosso John, plasterer, bds. 78 n. Market
Prost Jacob, boatman, bds. Mallinckrodt c. Bellefontaine rd
PROTESTANT ORPHAN ASYLUM, and 7th b. Franklin av Morgan
Protzmann William, shoemaker, r. 632 Broadway
Prouhet Hyppolet, (Prouhet & Witt) r. ss. and Marion b. Carondelet av. Jackson
Prouhet & Witt Prouhet (Hyppolet Witt Thomas D. watchmakers, jewelers and photographic stock, 132 n. Main
Proupst William, saddler, bds rear 316 s. 3d
Prout Hiram A., physician, 147 Chesnut, r.
Prout Jonathan S., physician, 2 s. 14th r.
Provancher Damascus, clerk, bds. 26 Walnut
Provenchere Ferdinand, r. ws. and 2d bet. Convent Hazel