St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Redman Henry, porter, r. 89 Carr
Redman James B., (Redman & Harrison) r. 1424 Broadway
Redman Patrick, lab., bds. 64 n. 10th
Redman Thomas, machinist, bds. 110 Morgan
Redman & Harrison, Redman (James B. Harrison) Joseph grocers, 1424 Broadway
Redmeyer Henry, tanner, John How, and c. Easton Barton
Redmon Mills T., pilot, r. 256 Morgan
Redmon Thomas, riverman, r. es. 9th bet. Biddle O'Fallon
Redmond Hugh, lab., r. al. bet. and Biddle O'Fallon, 6th 7th
Redmond James, lab., r. and Clark av. bet. 14th 15th
Redmond John, porter, Planters' House
Redmond Richard P. clerk, bds. 106 s. 4th
Redmond William T., boatman, r. and Clark av. b. 18th 19th
Redmond & O'Brien mnfrs., Redmond (Richard P. O'Brien Daniel soap and candle mnfrs., and 12th bet, Spruce Poplar
Redmond Burke, stonecutter, 115 Morgan
Redner William, lab., r. ss. and Benton bet. w. 16th 17th
Reed carpenter, 207 n. 5th
REED ALANSON musicdealer 49 n. 5th bds. Chesnut
REED ALANSON H., salesman, A. Reed. bds. 141 Chesnut
Reed Archibald H., clerk, bds. 363 Morgan
Reed Athelia, (col'd) r. alley rear Cedar bet. 3d 4th
Reed Calvin, moulder, r. 76 Spruce
Reed David, baker, r. 192 n. 11th
Reed Edward, (Reed & Co) bds. Monroe House
Reed Elizabeth, wid., r. 92½ n. 4th
Reed George, moulder, bds. 378 n. 2d
Reed George C., cloths, &c., 172 n. Main, bds. 6th nw. c. Locust
Reed H., tailor, bds. Denison House
Reed Henry, driver, bds. 266 n. Main
Reed Henry A., r. 363 Morgan
Reed Henry S., (Partridge& Co) r. 309 Olive
Reed James, lab., r. es. alley bet. 10th 11th n. Market
Reed James, riverman, (col'd) r. 27 s. 9th
Reed John, finisher, Kingslands & Farguson
Reed John, lab., bds. 201 Broadway
Reed John, lab., r. n. and Main bet. Madison Jefferson
Reed John, plasterer, r. ns. and Franklin av., bet. 16th 17th
Reed John, printer, r. 116 n. 6th
Reed John F., machinist, r. 192 n. 11th
Reed John S., engineer, r. Summit av., se. c. Pacific
Reed John S., sashmaker, Allen av. sw. c. 7th
Reed John W., agent, r. 363 Morgan
Reed John W., salesman, A. Reed, bds. 141 Chesnut
Reed Joseph B., (Reed & Mann) r. 165 Christy av
Reed Josiah H., bds. 254 Pine
Reed L. M., teacher, bds. 53 Collins
Reed Mary, wid. James, r. 130 n. 15th
Reed Miron L., clerk, Reed & Markham, r. 215 Pine
Reed Peter, carpenter, bds. 13 Wash
Reed Robert M., clerk, bds. 363 Morgan
Reed Samuel G., (Reed & Markham) r. 215 Pine
Reed Samuel H., mate, r. es. near 14th Park av
Reed Sarah Ann, wid. Philander, r. es. and Broadway b. Angelrodt Buchanan
Reed Silas, (Reed (Reed & Wetmore) r. 117 Olive
Reed Thomas, carpenter, ns. and Dodier b. 15th 16th
Reed Thomas, lab.. bds. 201 Broadway
Reed William, steward, bds. Orchard ne. c. 11th
Reed William C., dunnage, bds. ss. near Evans av. St. Charles Rock road
Reed William H., r. 254 Pine
Reed William W., (Reed & Co) r. Albany N. Y
Reed & Co., (William W. Edward) fancy goods, 84 n. Main