St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Renenbarth George, butcher, r. Columbus se. c. Anna
Renfrew John, (Renfrew, Crozier & r. 342 n. 7th
RENFREW, CROZIER & CO., Renfrew, (John Crozier Alexander Baxter) Samuel Eagle Foundry, and Main, b. Carr Biddle
Renge Conrad, drayman, r. ns. and Jefferson bet. 14th 15th
Rengstorff Louis, produce dealer, 9 Market r. St. Charles
Renich Edward, tailor, r. rear 326 s. 3d
Renick Robert M., and (Pollard & Renick) pres. People's' Railway Co., 77 Chesnut, r. ss. Chouteau av. se. c. Ham
Rening George, baker, r. 118 s. 2d
Renkel William, moulder, r. ws. s. 2d nr. Mullanphy
Renkin Mary A., wid. Anton, r. rear 187 n. 11th
Renkle Jacob, cooper, ws. near Kosciusko Miller, r.
Renkle John, cooper, r. ss. and Dorcas bet. 5th 6th
Renne Louis, lab., r. rear 42 Lombard
RENNELL FREDERICK, agent, D. Landreth & Son, r. 240 Olive
Rennell Nugent T., salesman, D. Landreth & Son, bds. 15 s. 7th
Rennell Thornton B., (Holman & Rennell) bds. 240 Olive
Rennercamp Charles, tailor, r. 653 Broadway
Reno John F., shoemaker, r. ns. alley bet. Hickory Rutgers 6th
Renouard Augustus, bds. 3. Christy av
Renouard Hyacinth, (H. Renouard & Co) r. ss. and Winter b. Stoddard av. 11th
RENOUARD H., & CO., Renouard (Hyacinth Polkowski) Edward S. wines and liquors, 39 Commercial
Rense Lawrence, butcher, r. near Gratiot 21st
Renshaw Howard W., clerk, William Renshaw, jr., bds. 16 St. Charles
Renshaw William, prest. Citizens Ins. Co., 41 n. Main, r. St. Charles
Renshaw William,jr., 7 Pine r. St. Charles
Renter Bernard, cattle dealer, r. 483 Carondelet av
Renter Henry F., marble cutter, bds. Kentucky House
Renter John H., tailor, r. 184 n. 10th
Renwick Ralph (Renwick & Tracy) r. 186 Christy avenue
RENWICK & TRACY, Renwick (Ralph Tracy) John W. plumbers and gasfixtures 119 Locust
Rentz Jacob, tinsmith, r. Gratiot nr. 16th
Rentz Joseph, lab., r. ss. Gratiot nr. 16th
Renz Adam, harnessmaker, bds. 16th sw. c. Gratiot
Renz John, tailor, Gratiot c. 16th
Renz Joseph, lab., r. 26 Spring
Reottig George J., shoemaker, 148 s. Main, r.
Reover Henry, tailor, bds. rear 133 n. 13th
Repaan Emile, clerk, r. ws. and Victor b. Cecile McNair
Repan Alphonse, clerk, rooms 11 s. 4th
Rephan Emile, bookkeeper, r. of Victor n. McNair av
Repnan Phillip, cooper, es. and DeKalb bet. Victor Sidney, r.
Reppern Edward, bds. Soulard c. Rosatti
Reppeto Dabener, cooper, bds. 13 Elm
Repuer Edward, tailor, r. 95 Morgan
Repvel Martin, stonemason, r. and Rosstti bet. Lafayette Soulard
Rerriton William, teamster, bds. Cass av. nr. Fillmore avenue
Reshbek John, carriagetrimmer, r. 8th nw. c. Soulard
Resick Jacob, wagonmaker, r. 274 s. 2d
Resler Frank, cabinet maker, bds. ws. and 14th b. Wash Franklin av
Resler Jacob, lab., r. 233 n. 12th
Resner Julius, tailor, r. 279 s. 2d
Ressel William, bds. Biddle House
Reston William L., music teacher, 36 Market, bds. n. 8th
Restocke George, grocer, r. and Geyer av. bet. Melville 2d Carondelet av