St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Roemheld William, grocer, 126 s. 2d, r. ws. Columbus b. Marion Barry
Roemilin Joseph, blacksmith, r. and Beaumont av. b. Laclede av. Market
Roenacher Frederick, lab., r. Main nr. Mulberry
Roennfeld Claus, carpenter, bds. 171 n. 8th
Roennighe Frank, baker, 228 Biddle, r.
Roentgen Robert (Loeb & Roentgen) r. 3 s. 2d
Roepenack Frederick, actor, r. and Risley bet. Lombard Hazel
Roepke Frederick, grocer, 704 Broadway, r.
Roes William, servant, Revere House
Roesch Charles, physician, r. 35 Elm
ROESCH HERMAN, druggist, Biddle se. c. 13th
Roesler Gabriel, beer saloon, Jackson ne. c. Emmet
Roesler Jacob., barber, 211 Carondelet av., r. Carondelet av
Roesli Joseph, bookbinder, 87 n. 2d, r. n. 3d
Roeslien George, waiter, Monroe House
Roessel Oscar A., fancy goods. 70 s. 2d, r.
Roessel Oswald A., fancy goods, 57 n. 5th
Roessel Philip, baker, r. Decatur, se. c. Ann av
Roessle Francis, printer, r. 187 s. 2d
Roessler Anthony, bookkeeper, L. & C. Speck & Co. r. es. and 2d b. Market Walnut
Roessler Frank, barber, 129 Carondelet av., r.
Roessler Franz, carpenter, bds. 150 n. 14th
Roessler Martin, barber, r. Jackson ne. c. Emmet
Roest Adam, butcher, r. es. and Missouri av. b. Convent Hickory
Roestel Julius, (J. Schreiber & Co) r. 21 Walnut
Roeter Jacob, saloon and boarding, same Pratte av. sw. c. Clark av, r.
Roeth Peter, saddletreemaker, r. Columbus se. c. Soulard
Roetter Arnold P., clerk, Lyon, Shorb & Co., r. 30 Orange
Roetter Paul, school teacher, r. ss. and Hickory bet, 5th 6th
Roever John, driver, r. es. and Carondelet av. b. Dorcas Arsenal
Roever John H., clerk, Wm. Young & Co., r. Chesnut se. c. 15th
Roever Louis, (Louis Roever & Co) r. rear Wild Hunter tavern
(Roever Louis & Co., Roever (Louis boots and shoes, 19 n. Main,
Roff Nathaniel, 14 s. Main, r. Walnut
Roff Robert S., carpenter, r. rear 70 s. 4th
Rofi Frederick, tinner, bds. ws. 7th nr. Park av
Roftus Michael, lab., r. rear 194 s. 2d
Rogan Falam, lab., r. 430 Morgan
Rogan Hugh, drayman, r. ns. and Carr b. 20th 21st
Rogan James, lab., r. ns. and Cedar b. Main 2d
Rogan John, lab., bds. and O'Fallon b. 5th 6th
Rogan Martin, baker, 208 n. 8th, r.
Roge Nicholas, carriage trimmer, Theodore Salorgne
Bogers A., gardener, r. ss. and Park av. b. 2d Carondelet av. Mississippi av
Rogers A. C., bds 272 Broadway
Rogers Amy G., wid Nathan, r. 55 n 8th
Rogers Andrew, lab., r 45 Wright
Rogers Anthony, carpenter, r. rear 217 Biddle
Rogers Charles, late hardware, 150 n. Main, bds. Everett House
Rogers Charles, fireman, r. 190 n. 12th
Rogers Charles L., (James A. Rogers & Son) r. Bellefontaine road nw. c. Farrar
Rogers Charles S., captain, r. office 4 City Buildings, Papin
Rogers Edward S., waiter, Barnum's Hotel, bds. same
Rogers Frank, bds. Levee foot Florida
Rogers George, liquor, 74 Commercial n. Levee, r. s.
Rogers George, moulder, r. 254 n. 9th
Rogers Hugh, salesman, r. 78 s. 6th
Rogers J. Howard, painter, r. 73 Pine
Rogers James, carpenter, bds. 327 Broadway
Rogers James, liquor dealer, bds. 158 n. 5th