St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
BomgartnerCoon,lab.,r.c.Buel, bet. Lafayette and Emmet
BommConrad,painter,, nr. Marion
BonamyJohnV.,clerk,r. 78 Spruce
BonardLouis,lab.,r.ns.Dorcas, bet. 2d and 3d
BonasAlfos,carriage maker,r. 191 s. 4th
BonasB.,carriage maker, works Theodore Salorgne
BondCharlesH.,carpenter,bds. 272 Broadway
BondEdwardH.,carpenter,r. 214 Wash
BondWilliam,trader,, and Wright
BondmannJohn,clerk,r. rear 203 n. 12th
BondiRodolph,milliner, 307 s. 5th, r. same
BondsPeter,teamster, alley, bet. 9th and 10th and Biddle and O'Fallon
BoneCharles,cooper,r. rear 210 n. 11th
BoneauJoseph,(Mash & Boneau,)bds. 96 s. Main
BonerJames,marble polisher.bds.12th, bet. O'Fallon and Cass av
BonetCatharina,widow Fernandez,r. alley, bet. 7th and Fulton and Barry and Marion
BongarherFrederick,laborer,r.ns.Hazel, bet. 2d and 3d
BongmannHenry,lab.,bds. 241 n. 13th
BonhamLouisN.,teacher, principal St. Louis Female Seminary ,r.s.Chesnut, bet. 10th and 11th
BonhoffCasper,, bet. 15th and 16th
BonhoffWilliam,teamster,, bet. 15th and 16th
BoniGeorge,cooper,r. 210 11th
BonifierMartin,tailor, 255 Carondelet, r. same
BoningArnold,lab.,ss.Spring, bet. 13th and 14th
BonkHenry,lab.,r. rear 139 n. 14th
BonnLaurence,blacksmith,r. 174 n. 13th
BonnMatthew,chair maker,r. 174 n. 13th
BonnaFrancis,fruiterer,r. 103 n. 5th
BonnatJohn,shoemaker,se.c.Mulberry and 3d
BonnebarreAndrew,sawyer,,bet.11th and 12th, near O'Fallon
BonneckAndrew,whip maker,, near Plum
BonneckMatthias,, near Plum
BonnellAlfredA.,clerk Transfer Co.,r. 95 Market
BonnerAnn,wid. John,r. 160 n. 10th
BONNERBENJAMINR.,agt.John M. Bradstreet & Son,r.10th nw.c. Wash
BonnerLafayette,moulder,bds.Main nr. Mulberry
BonnerSamuel,(Samuel Bonner & Co.,)r.Pine se.c. Ewing av
BONNER SAMUEL & CO.,Bonner(Samuel and Corbitt)JamesM.iron and nails, 14 n. Levee and 28 Commercial
BonnetJohn,(Jules and John,)r. 27 n. 5th
BonnetJules,(Jules and John,)r. 20 s. 7th
BONNET JULES & JOHN, restaurant and saloon, under Exchange Bank, n. 3d op. Post Office
BonneyEnoch,ship carpenter,r. 15 Mound
BonnibanEdward,lab., b. Smith and Bates
BonniphantJohn,teamster, Joseph Brovo,bds. 231 s. 2d
BonniphantNapoleon,teamster, Joseph Brovo,bds. 213 s. 2d
BonordenHermanF.,salesman, John C. Cole,bds.4th nw.c. Green
BonquetWendelin,machinist, and Franklin av
BonsallWilliamS.,tinroofer,r.ns.Pacific near Summit
BonteasHermann,shoemaker,r.nw.c.11th and Wash
BonteasPaulina,midwife,r.nw.c.Wash and 11th
BoogeHoraceD.,steamboat agt.,r. 117 s. 5th
BoogherJesseL.,clerk Pomeroy, Benton & Co., room 87 Olive
BoogherJohnP.,salesman, Pomeroy, Benton & Co., room 87 Olive
BoogherSimonL.,salesman, Chase & Bro.,r. 87 Olive
BoohanCain,lab.,r, rear 231 n. 14th
BookleyDaniel,riverman,ss.Walnut b. 9th and 10th
BoolmanJohnF. A.,machinist,r.sw.c.Jefferson and 13th