St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Ryan Patrick, stonecutter, bds. es. and 22d b. Carr Biddle
Ryan Patrick, teamster, bds. s. and 14th bet. Poplar Randolph
Ryan Patrick F., shoemaker, r. ws. alley bet. 7th 8th Clark av
Ryan Peter, quarryman, r. es. and Mercer bet. Spring Gamble av
Ryan Peter N., books and stationery, n. 131 Main under Virginia Hotel, r. Morgan
Ryan Philip, marble cutter, bds. 298 n. 2d
Ryan Philip, sexton, r. 285 Chesnut
Ryan Pierce, shoemaker, 333 Broadway, r.
Ryan Richard, bartender, bds. 67 O'Fallon
Ryan Richard, lab., r. 269 s. 2d
Ryan Richard, lab., r. ss. and Carr bet. 21st 22d
Ryan Roger, lab., r. 8th sw. c. O'Fallon
Ryan Thomas, (Ryan & Louthan) r. 17 n. 16th
Ryan Thomas, baggage car, r. 20 e. Mound
Ryan Thomas, clerk, 12 s. 6th
Ryan Thomas, clerk, r. 213 n. 8th
Ryan Thomas, clerk, Child, Pratt & Fox., r. and 8th bet. Biddle O'Fallon
Ryan Thomas, gardener, r. ws. and Grand av. bet. Park av. Lafayette av
Ryan Thomas, gilder, r. ns. near Mound 10th
Ryan Thomas, grocer, 358 Market, r.
Ryan Thomas, lab., r. 57 n. 17th
Ryan Thomas, lab., r. rear 179 Franklin av
Ryan Thomas, lab., r. ss. and Davis b. 22d 23d
Ryan Thomas, lab., r. ns. and O'Fallon b. 23d 24th
Ryan Thomas, quarryman, r. near Pratte av. Warren
Ryan Thomas, salesman, Stevenson & Morris, rooms es. 5th b. Pine Chesnut
Ryan Thomas, shipcarpenter, r. 19 e. Howard
Ryan Thomas, shoemaker, bds. 327 Broadway
Ryan Timothy, lab., r. 28 e. Mound
Ryan William, carpenter, bds. near Poplar 19th
Ryan William, drayman, r. 76 n. 9th
Ryan William, lab., r. 321 s. 2d
Ryan William, lab., r. 43 s. 10th
Ryan William, lab., Lami st. Planing Mill
Ryan William, lab., r. rear 144 n. 17th
Ryan William, lab., r. ns. and Mary b. Compton av. Thomas
Ryan William, lab., bds. ss. al. bet. and 2d Main, Florida Mullanphy
Ryan William, quarryman, bds. near 14th Angelica
Ryan William, tobacconist, r. Market ne. c. 11th
Ryan William, waiter, same Monroe House, r.
Ryan William L., lab., r. and Jackson bet. Barton Victor
Ryan William H., tobacconist, r. 223 Market
Ryan William R., carpenter, bds. O'Fallon House
RYAN & LOUTHAN, Ryan (Thomas Louthan) Frank K. who. grocers, 134 n. 2d
Rychlicki John K., clerk, surveyor general's office, r. country
Rycraft Timothy, peddler, r. 74 Wash
Ryder James B., clerk, P. P. Crow & Sons, bds. 78 n. 11th
Ryder Michael, cooper, bds. and Spruce b. 14th 15th
Ryder William B. receiver, Peoples' R. R. Co., r, ws. and St. Ange av. b. Park av. Hickory
Rylance Joseph, nailmaker, bds. 253 Broadway
Ryland Alston L., river reporter "Democrat," bds. ws. and 6th b. St. Charles Washington av
Ryland Edwin, salesman, Chiles &, Carr, rooms Blow's building
Rylands Joseph, nailer, bds. 149 Walnut
Ryna Patrick, lab., r. al. b. and 9th 10th, Franklin av. Morgan
Ryne Julia, widow Michael, r. and Salisbury bet. 11th 12th
Ryne Michael J., bookkeeper, r. 100 Olive
Ryner John, gardener, bds. es. and High b. Clark Gamble avs
Ryon Patrick, lab., bds. 199 n. 7th
Ryon Catharine, wid Thomas, domestic, 135 n. 5th.
Ryon Patrick, ostler, 27 Franklin av
Ryon Patrick, policeman, bds. 30 Wash