St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
BoonEdward,mason,Alexander McLagan
BooneA.,wid. Isaac W.,r. 332 n. 6th
BooneIsaacW.,bds. 332 n. 6th
BooneJohnC.,agent,, b. Cass av. and O'Fallon
BooneJoseph,liquor dealer, 188 n. 2d, bds. Western stock yard
BooneThomasG.,river pilot 108 Morgan, r. same
BoonerJames,marble cutter,r.12th s. of Cass av
BoosBruno,tailor, b. 3d and 5th
BoosGeorgeM., ship carpenter, b. Mound and Howard
BoosertJacob,carpenter,bds.Broadway, c. Madison
BoothEdwinG.,bookkeeper,State tobacco warehouse bds. CityHotel
BoothErastusH.,boarding, 69 Olive
BoothGeorge,moulder,bds. 338 n. 2d
BoothHenry,sailmaker,r.Main ne.c. Green
BoothJames,millwright,r. 18 n. 2d op. N. M. R. R. track
BOOTHJAMESW.,(J. W. Booth & Son,)r.Dayton b. Clay and Glasgow av
BoothJohnH.,books and periodicals,4th sw.c. Green, 13th and 14th and Franklin av. and Wash
BoothJohn,lab.,bds. 354 n. 2d
BoothJohn,screwcutter, and 14th and Wash and Franklin av
BoothJohn,wireweaver,r. 178 n. 11th
BOOTHJOHNN.,(J. W. Booth & Son,)r.Dayton b. Clay and Glasgow av
BoothWilliam,(Booth & Barada,)r. 27 n. 7th
BOOTH & BARADA,Booth(William and Barada,)AndrewS. real estate agents, 49 Chesnut
BOOTH J. W. & SON,(JamesW. and JohnN.,)com. mers. 27 Washington av
BootheGeorge,moulder,r. 388 n. 2d
BootheRichard,machinist, b. O'Fallon and Ashley
BopeJacobW.,(E. D. Hewes & Co.,)r. 31 n. 5th
BoppFrank, porter, Hyde & Patterson,r. 164 Carr
BorbeinHenry,blacksmith,bds. 353 Franklin av
BorbeinWilliam,baker, 129 n. 13th, r. same
BorberegEliza, 193 Carondelet av
BorbienMary,wid. William, bakery, 28 Gay, r. same>
BorchardtFrancis,printer,bds.2d b. Spruce and Myrtle
BorcherdingChristian,porter, Claflin, Allen & Co
BorcherdingChristian,shoemaker, 232 Carondelet av,r. same
BorchersJohnH.,cigarmaker,ws.Decatur b. Carroll and Soulard
BorchertAugust, salesman, Bremermann, Rashcoe & Co.,r.Main ne.c. Walnut
BorchertFrederick,blacksmith, b. Clarke av. and Market
BorchertWilliam, clerk, Flobr, Meyer & Weil, room 56 Market
BorekmannCharles,carpenter,r.St. Joseph nr. 5th
BorckmeyerPhillip,carpenter,r. 195 O'Fallon
BordageThomas,lab., op. Rolling Mill
BordeauxEdward,cooper, and 10th n. Clark av
BordeauxPeter, and 10th n. Clark avenue
BordenFrancis,boarding, 283 n. Main
BordenPatrick,lab.,ns.Biddle b. 7th and 8th
BordleyDanielC. H., frt.agt.P. R. R.,r. 213 Pine
BordorffCharles,teamster, b. Columbus and Jackson
BordorffSylvester, b. Columbus and Jackson
BorellGeorge,stonecutter,r.ns.Soulard nr. Carondelet av
BorellJohn,cigars and tobacco, 172 s. 2d, r. same
BorellaGiovanni,fruit stand,Levee, se.c. Walnut, r. 12 Market
BORERDANIEL,engineer,, bet. 20th and 21st
BorgCharles,assessor 9th and 10th Broadway, bet. Malinckrodt and Destrehan