St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Schrob Rudolph, bootmaker, bds. es. and 2d bet. Spruce Myrtle
Schrobb Joseph, brewer, r. 194 s. 2d
Schrod John, shoemaker, r. es. alley bet. Jackson Columbus Barry
Schroder Edward, soda mnfr., r. ns. alley bet. Clark av. Market 11th
Schroder Frank, clerk, 5 and 7, Franklin av
Schroder Herman, stonemason, bds. es. and 16th bet. O'Fallon Cass av
Schroder Theodore, clerk, rooms 173 Market
Schroder William, teamster, r. 269 Market
Schrodi Charles, confectioner, r. 125 Biddle
Schroeder student, Bryant & Stratton's College, bds. 80 s. 5th
Schroeder Anton, shoemaker, 251 Carondelet av., r.
Schroeder August, cooper, r. ws. near Broadway Magwire Market
Schroeder Augustus, (Schroeder & Stein) 1165 Broadway
Schroeder Christian, painter, bds. 213 n. 14th
Schroeder Diedrich, tailor, r. alley b. 8th 9th, Geyer Allen avs
Shroeder Frank, cigarmaker, room 51 s. 2d
Schroeder Frank, lab., r. ws. near Menard Park av
SCHROEDER FRANCIS H., tobacco and cigars, 785 s. Main, r.
Schroeder Frederick, carpenter, r. ns. and Gay b. 21st 22d
Schroeder Frederick, lab., bds. 164 Carondelet av
Schroeder Frederick, upholsterer, r. and Orange b. 16th 17th
Schroeder George, butcher, 24 City Market, r. Franklin av. sw. c. 27th
Schroeder Gottfried, cooper, r. near 7th Ann av
Schroeder Henry, baker, & 7th b. Lafayette Geyer av., r.
Schroeder Henry, shoemaker, bds. ws. near Menard Park av
Schroeder Henry, tailor, r. 61 s. 3d
Schroeder Henry, teamster, r. al. b. and 12th 13th Benton
Schroeder Herman, lawyer, 63 Carondelet av., r.
Schroeder John (Schroeder J. R. & W.) bds. 33 Mound
Schroeder John H., clerk, r. 323 s. 5th
Schroeder Joseph, lab., r. ss. and Warren b. 15th 16th
Schroeder Leopold, cigarmaker, room, 451 s. 2d
Schroeder, Nicholas, lab., City Engineer's Office
Schroeder William, (Schroeder J. R. & W.) r 21 Mound
Schroeder J. R. & W. Schroeder (J. R. Schroeder) W. grocers 35 Mound
Schroeder & Stein, Schroeder (Augustus Stein) William carpenters, 1165 Broadway
Schroell Francis, (Grosse & Schroell) r. 272 s. 3d
Schroepfer Henry, teamster, r. Ashley nw. c. 2d
Schroer Gerard C., drayman, r. es. and Menard b. Park av. Marion
Schroer Henry W., clerk, r. es. and Menard b. Park av. Marion
Schroer William A., drayman, r. es and Menard b. Park av. Marion
Schroeter Bruno, (Schroeter, Metzger & Co) ss. and Montgomery b. 9th 10th
Schroeter Charles, r. es. and Menard b. Ann av. Arrow
Schroeter Charles, tinner, r. es. and Buel b. Soulard Lafayette
Schroeter, Metzger & Co., Schroeter, (Bruno Metzger, Frederic Weisser Emanuel Shoellkopf), Jacob F. leather and findings, 9 Pine
Schroter George F., (Moffett & Schroter) r. 222 Chesnut
Schroth Peter, bootfitter, 64 s. 3d r.
Schruder Barnard, teamster r. and 15th b. Howard Mullanphy
Schruer Henry, teamster, bds. 173 Carr