St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Bouer Frederick, lab., r. and Buel bet Geyer av. Emmet
Boughtman Thomas, tanner, r. ws. and 7th bet. Martha Victor
Boughler Ignatz, cigar maker, r. rear 220 s. 3d
Boul Jacob, driver, r. se. c. and Park av. 9th
Boul Michael, r. ns. and Arrow bet. Buena Vista Gravois Road
Boulanger Louis, watchmaker, 324 s. 5th, r.
Boulard John, peddler, r. ws. al. bet. and Main 2nd nr. Walnut
Boulind Francis, brewer, r. and Congress bet. Douchouquette Laura
Bouleware Simpson, hotelkeeper, Western Stock Yard, ns. Manchester Road
Bourdell Edward, tailor, 215 s. 3d
Bourgard William A., painter, n. 12th nr. Cass av
Bourgens Louis, grocer, 882 Broadway, r.
Bourgoin Michel, draper and tailor, 41 n. 2nd, r.
Bourke John, porter, and Harwood Marmaduke
Bourke John E., clerk, r. ns. Morgan nr. 16th
Bourmann John, grocer, ws. near Jackson Carrol r,
Bourcher Frederick, lab., r. rear 194 s. 2nd
Bousser Michael, boarding and saloon 70 s. Main
Bousser Peter, clerk, Schonstein Leone, bds. 221 Market
Boutcher Robert B., carpenter, r. 12 n. 12th
Bouvier Alphonse, copyist, r. 64 s. 14th
Bouvier Gabriel, clerk, Henning and Woodruff, r. 64 s. 14th
Bouvier Joseph A., clerk, Recorder s Office, r. and 14th bet. Clark av Market
Bouvier Leopold, bookkeeper, Edwin C. Sloan, bds. 33 s. 4th
Bouzark Michael, saloon, and Decatur bet. Lafayette Emmet
Bovan Hermann, brickmoulder, r. se. c. and Menard Martha
Bovard John, driver, bds. 272 Broadway
Bovard Robert D., clerk, r. ss. and Gamble av. bet. Naomi High
Bovard W. C., carpenter, r. es. Naomie c. Gamble av
Bouvard William J., carpenter, r. se. c. and Gamble av. Naomi
Boverschmidt Frank, drayman, r. 102 n. 15th
Boversmith Frederick, laborer, r. ss. and Spring bet. 12th 13th
Bow John, r. 47 s. 10th
Bow Patrick, cooper, r. and Chambers, bet. 14th 15th
Bowden Neptune, butcher, 12 city market, r. Lacled e av bet. Garrison Ewing av.
Bowden William, carpenter, bds. 700 Broadway
Bowden John, quarryman, r. ns. and Maiden Lane bet. 20th Reservoir
Bowe Margaretta, wid. Daniel, r. 312 Morgan
Bowe Peter, deputy marshal, r. 281 Morgan
Bowe Thomas, quarryman, es. and 17th bet. Benton Warren, r. ns. Benton, 17th
Bowell Charles, lumber, nw. c. and 12th Market, sw. c. Walnut 2d, r. Garrison av. c. Washington av
Bower Henry blacksmith, r. c. 146 n. 13th
Bowen John, steamboat agent. r. and Pine, ss. bet. Jefferson av. Ewing av
Bowen John S., (Bowen & Miller,) r, at Carondelet
Bowen William D., painter, 7th, c. Carr
Bowen William R., grocer, 101 Morgan, r. n. 7th
BOWEN & MILLER, Bowen (John S. Miller,) Charles architects, 97 Chesnut
Bowenkamp Franz H., quarry and mason, r. 14th nr. Bremen av
Bower Aubrey, bookkeeper, r. ss. and Jourdan w. Bellefontaine bet. Malinckrodt Salisbury
Bower David, carpenter, bds. 351 n. Main
Bower Frederick carpenter, r. Clark av, nw. c. 13th
Bower Frederick, shoemaker, 85 O' Fallon, r.
Bower Ignatz, teamster, r. ns. al. bet. and 15th 16th Franklin av. Wash
Bower Jacob, musician, r. c. and Lafayette 7th
Bower John, r. 111 n. 9th