St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Scullen William F., bookkeeper, bds. 115 Olive
Sculley James, lab., r. near Warren Pratte av
Sculley John, lab., r. near Warren Pratte av
Sculley Richard, machinist, bds. 33 Biddle
Sculley Thomas, machinist, bds. 33 Biddle
Scully John, lab., r. rear 167 n. 9th
Scully Patrick, porter, John B. Valle & Co., r. 14th ne. c. Randolph
Scully Richard, porter, r. ns. al. bet. and Market Walnut w. 8th
SCULLY TERENCE, hotelkeeper, 2 s. 3d
Scwartz Caroline, wid. Samuel, notions, 333 s. 5th, r.
Scweppe Herman, lab., r. and 11th bet. Salisbury Farrar
Seabelink August, eating saloon, rooms same Levee c. Poplar,
Seabert Henry, cook, r. 88 Carr
Seabert William C., bartender, Blossom & Co., and 10th b. Carr Wash
Seaborn Thomas, lab., r. es. al. bet. and Clark av. Market nr. 10th
Seadendoph William, lab., r. rear ns. Sidney b. Columbus DeKalb
Seaford Joseph, tinsmith, r. 203 Franklin av
Seager Fred, salesman, r. ws. and 17th bet. Biddle O'Fallen
Seagmund Edward, coppersmith, r. 242 s. 2d
Seak Frederick, lab., r. ns. and Cass av. b. 8th 9th
Seal George, bricklayer, bds. 272 Broadway
Seal Joseph, whitener, r. 62 Washington av
Sealänd Christopher, sawyer, r. es. and 9th b. O'Fallon Cass av
Sealy George, bellows maker, bds. es. and 14th b. Chambers Madison
Seaman George, book-keeper Carter & Conn, r. 70 n. 5th
SEAMAN JOHN A., grocer and steam keg and bucket factory 1368 Broadway, r.
Seaman Joseph W., clerk, Bast, Alexander & Co., rooms 7th se. c. Locust
Seaman Melissa, widow John, r. ss. Ferry nr. N. M.R.R. track
Seamann Casper, butcher, r. es. al. b. and Mallinckrodt Destrehan
Seamans August, tailor, r. 17th Rutgers
Seamar Frederick, plasterer, r. 24th ne. c. Franklin avenue
Seamens Frederick, butcher, r. Chouteau av. sw. c. Lamotte av
Seamut Adolph, lab., r. 1098 Broadway
Searider George, waiter, bds. 11 n. 4th
Searaff Andrew, carpenter, r. Rosatti c. Geyer av
Sears Henry W., bookkeeper, Laclede Mills, r. Lafayette nw. c. Decatur
Sears Isaac, (Sears & Bailleul) r. 34 Jackson
Sears Sunderland G., (S. G. Sears & Co) r. h. Dillon Chouteau av Lasalle
Sears W. Leslie, clerk, 6th sw. c. Olive
Sears S. G. & Co., Sears (Sunderland G. Goddard Elbridge Whitmore) Charles Laclede mills, sw. c. Soulard
Sears & Bailleul, Sears (Isaac Bailleul) Hilleard sailmakers, Green sw. c. Levee
Sears Eknard, shoemaker, r. al b. and Arsenal Cherokee Wisconsin
Seater James, carpenter, bds. 23 n. 12th
Seath Henry, baker, r. ns. and Franklin av. b. 16th 17th
Seaton John, lab., r. 13 Monroe
Seaver George L., (Seaver & Teasdale) r. 109 s. 14th
SEAVER NATHANIEL, jr., salesman, 79 Market, Pine
SEAVER & TEASDALE. Seaver (George L, Teasdale) P. Judson wood yard, ws. and 14th b. Poplar Randolph
Seaving William, teamster, r. al. bet. and Biddle O'Fallon, 7th 8th
Sebastian Anthony, carpenter, r. 265 Carondelet av
Sebastian Frederick, ship carpenter, r. ws. and 10th bet. Spring Wright