St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Sellers Daniel, clerk, r. 44 s. 4th
Sellers John, clerk, r. 44 s. 4th
Sellers John J., jeweler, bds. New York House
Sellers Rachael, wid.Benjamin, boarding, r. 440 s. 4th
Sellew Enos, (Sellew & Co) r. at Cincinnati
Sellew Osman, (Sellew & Co) r. at Cincinnati
Sellew Ralph, (Sellew & Co) bds. Virginia Hotel
Sellew William, (Sellew & Co) r. at Cincinnati
SELLEW & Co., (Ralph, William, Osman Enos tinners stock and findings, 208 n. Main
Selley Joseph, cooper, r. ss. and Christy av. b. 20th 21st
Sellnr Casper sugarhouse, r. alley bet. 11th 12th n. O'Fallon
Sells John, porter, r. and 11th bet. O'Fallon Cass av
Sells Miles, (Triplett,Sells & Co) r. es. and 11th b. Clark av Market
Selum Heinrich, r. ws. alley b. 10th 11th Biddle O'Fallon
Selzer Bernard, cigarmaker, r. rear 267 n. 12th
Selzer Karl, matchmaker, bds. L'esperance sw. c. DeKalb
Selzer Louis, shoemaker, 964 Broadway, r.
Semant Isiliere, grocer, 131 s. 3d
Sember, William, deckhand, r. ns. and Montgomery bet. 15th 16th
Semelroth Christian, veterinary surgeon, r. 7th nw. c. Park av
Semler Frederick, shoemaker, r. 8th sw. c. O'Fallon
Semmelman Dorothea, wid. John, r. and 9th bet. Montgomery Spring
Semon John, strawcutter, r. 508 Morgan
Sempf Christoph, lab., r. es. and 14th bet. n. Market Benton
Semple Walter, teamster, bds. ss. and Madison bet. 9th 10th
Semple William, drayman, r. 68 Madison
Senaret Antoine, bds. 69 Main
Senbert John, butcher, r. ns. and Anna b. Columbus Jackson
Senbert Joseph, butcher, r. ns. and Anna b. Columbus Jackson
Send Herman, tailor, r. 208 Franklin av
Senden John, lab., bds. 361 Franklin av
Senden John D., (Wissmann & Senden) r. Carr ne. c. 19th
Sender Richard, waiter, same Monroe House, r.
Seneman Henry, lab., bds. 164 n. 10th
Senerin John, painter, r. and L'esperance b. Carondelet av. Jackson
Senfert John, butcher, ss. and Park av. bet. Menard Rosatti, r.
Senff Friedrick, cooper, and DeKalb bet Lafayette av. Emmet, r.
Sengin Anthony, cooper, r. es. and 24th b. Morgan Franklin av
Senger George, lab., r. rear 346 s. 7th
Senger John, lab., r. ss. and L'esperance bet. Main Kosciusko
Senger William, carpenter, r. Cozzens nr. Grand av
Sengrass John, lab., r. 196 n. 12th
Senker Mary, wid., r. 298 Biddle
Senlick Frederick, porter, Carter & Conn, r. 163 St. Charles
Senn Charles, paper carrier, r. 221 Carondelet av
Sennewald Charles, cabinet maker, r. 180 Carr
Sennewald Ferdinand W., (Lange & Sennewald) r. 200 s. 2d
Senneweld George, carpenter, r. 109 n. 15th
Sensenderfer John, (W. & J. Sensenderfer) bds. Merchants' Dining Saloon
Sensenderfer William, (W. & J. Sensenderfer) r. 261 Olive
SENSENDERFER W. & J., (William John) cigar and tobacco dealers, 2d se. c. Pine
Senser William, cooper, bds. and 13th b. Spruce Poplar
Senter Albert W., (Kimball & Senter) bds. Monroe House
Senter Henry, (Wales, Cabot & Co) bds. Monroe House