St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Senter M. W., lawyer, bds. Monroe House
Senti Christian, carpenter, r. es. and 7th b. Geyer Allen avs
Sepellin Jacob, tinsmith, (col'd) r. es. al. b. and Jackson Columbus nr. Carroll
Sepenfelt Joseph, clerk, r. al. b. and 12th 13th s. Cass av
Sephton Edward, machinist, r. ws. 2d nr. Biddle
Sepmeier Henry, drygoods, r. ns. n. and Market b. 13th 14th
Sequot L., blacksmith, Theodore Salorgne
Serdelmann August, bds. 317 Carondelet av
Serdel Andras, lab., bds. rear 188 n. 13th
Serdl John, tailor, r. rear 188 n. 13th
Sergent Ann, wid. George, r. al. rear Spruce b. 12th 13th
Seroti Julia, wid. Noel, saloon, 71 s. Levee, r.
Serp Francis, porter, r. 240 Wash
Scrüder Gerhard H., bds. 113 n. 18th
Servis Charles, tailor, bds. 830 Broadway
Serwas Peter, lab., r. es. and 13th b. Spring Montgomery
Sesaner Henry, tailor, r. 85 Franklin av
Sesiani Antony, toy mnfr., r. Soulard ne. c. 13th
Sesiani joseph toy mnfr., r. Soulard ne. c. 13th
Sessdorf Henry, tinsmith, r. 62 s. 2d
Sessica Jericho, cooper, r. and Rosatti b. Emmet Lafayette
Sessinghaus Charles, flour and feed store, 56 and 58 n. Market, r.
Sessinghaus William, (Siemers & Sessinghaus) bds. 56 n. Market
Sessler Michael, painter, r. 361 Market
Setcombe Ernest, woodcutter, r. and Decatur b. Lafayette Emmet
Settle Edwin C., clerk, Wm. B. Parker, bds. Everett House
Settler Thomas, finisher, J. T. Dowdall & Co
Setzer Augustus, r. Hamtramck c. Julia
Seutholt Henry, porter, Wm. Young & Co., r. 14th nr. O'Fallon
Seufft William, teamster, r. ws. and DeKalb b. Picotte L'esperance
Seveng Henry, (Krekenmeier & Seveng) r. ns. and Monroe b. 13th 14th
Severinn Francis, grocer, ss. and Convent b. 3d 4th
Severn William, lab., r. 1153 Broadway
Severson Benona, cabinetmaker, r. ws. 12th nr. Jefferson
Seving Frederick W., lab., r. ns. al. b. and 17th 18th Carr Biddle
Seward Joseph B., (Myron M. Buck & Co) bds. 88 Olive
Sewell Alfred M., (A. M. Sewell & Bro) r. 241 Broadway
Sewell Flavius J., (A. M. Sewell & Bro) r. 241 Broadway
Sewell Joseph, mason, at Alexander McLagan's
Sewell Joseph, sexton, r. 121 Christy av
Sewell Richard, bricklayer, bds. 195 n. 7th
SEWELL A. M. & BRO., (alfred M. Flavius J) auctioneers, 241 Broadway
Sewing Herman, (Kruckermeyer & Sewing) r. 13th nw. c. Monroe
Sexton Daniel, lab., bds. 199 n. 7th
Sexton Daniel M., saddler and harness store, 218 Franklin av., r. n. 7th
Sexton Edward, lab., bds. ns. and Market b. Emily Pratte av
Sexton Henry C., chief engineer Fire Department, r. 54 Mound
Sexton Hugh, (John Sexton & Sons) r. 19 Brooklyn
Sexton John, boatman, r. al. b. and Biddle O'Fallon 7th 8th
Sexton John, (John Sexton & Sons) r. ws. and 8th b. Howard Mullanphy