St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Shannon lab., bds. 86 n. 6th
Shannon Catharine, wid. Daniel, washwoman, r. 59 s. 10th
Shannon Daniel, lab., bds. 411 n. Main
Shannon David F., shipcarpenter, r. es. and 10th b. Webster Lebeaume
Shannon Dennis, lab., r. ss. and Biddle b. Collins Broadway
Shannon James, carpenter, bds. and Washington av. b. 17th 18th
Shannon James, salesman, Haight & O'Brien
Shannon James F., barkeeper, bds. 325 Broadway
Shannon John, carpenter, r. ss. and Carr, bet. 21st 22d
Shannon John, clerk, Terrence O'Towle, bds. 12 Biddle
Shannon John, shoemaker, same 7th c. Broadway, r.
Shannon John B., carpenter, r. and 12th bet. Clark av. Spruce
Shannohn Joseph, saloon, 79 n. Levee, r.
Shannon Joseph R., house furnishing, 59 Green
Shannon Mary, wid. William, r. 126 Christy av
Shannon Michael, barkeeper, r. 26 n. Levee
Shannon Michael, lab. bds. O'Fallon c. 13th
Shannon Patrick, lab., r. 14th nr. Penrose
Shannon Peter, lab., bds. O'Fallon c. 13th
Shannon Robert L., jeweler, r. 44 s. 10th
Shannon Thomas, carpenter, bds. 86 n. 6th
Shannon Thomas D., law student, bds. 225 Morgan
Shannon Wilham, bootblack, same Monroe House, r.
Shannon William, lab., r. 14th nr. Angelica
Shapard Mary, wid. Belden, r. 459 n. Main
Shaper August, musician, r. 114 Franklin av
Shaperkotter Frederick, cooper, r. 277 n. 12th
Shaperkotter Henry, cooper, 258 n. 12th, r.
Shaperkotter Ludwig, cooper, bds. 258 n. 12th
Shapleigh Augustus F., and Vice President (Shapleigh, Day & Co.) Phœnix Ins. Co., r. 40 St. Charles
Shapleigh Dorotha, wid.Richard, r. 40 St. Charles
Shapleigh Frank, salesman, Shapleigh, Day & Co., bds. 40 St. Charles
SHAPLEIGH, DAY & CO., Shapleigh, (Augustus F. Day, Thomas D. Cruttenden Roswell W. Lee) Alfred hardware, 103 n. Main
Sharar Joseph, bricklayer, r. ss. and Ann av. b. 7th 8th
Sharding Frank, carpenter, r. es 13th nr. Carroll
Sharinghauser Frederick, brickmaker, r. and Julia b. Hamtramck Closey
Shark Michael, boardinghouse, 76 Franklin av
Sharkay John, mate, r. 149 n. 13th
Sharkey Bryan, lab., Academy Christian Brothers, bds. same
Sharkey John L., printer, bds. and Spruce b. 14th 15th
Sharkey Peter, saloon, 49 n. Levee, r. Green
Sharkey William A., salesman, porter. White & Co., r. ns. and Spruce b. 14th 15th
Sharky Bridget, wid. John, bds. 181 n. 4th
Sharky Owen, bartender, bds 59 Green
Sharringhausen Dedrich, brickmaker, r. and Hamtramck b. Julia Geyer av
Sharp Charles, r. 23 Wash
Sharp Charles E., clerk, 94 Olive
SHARP FIDELIO C., (Sharp & Broadhead) r. 270 Pine
Sharp George, carpenter, r. and Ham b. Chouteau av. Hickory
Sharp George, coachman, r. ss. and Park av. b. 2d Carondelet Mississippi avs
Sharp George, miller, bds. 10 Brooklyn
Sharp James, (Muldoon & Sharp) r. 199 Broadway
Sharp John, bds. 272 Broadway
Sharp John, carpenter, r. es. and Ham b. Hickory Chouteau av
Sharp Mark, tailor, r. 169 n. 8th
Sharp Nancy, wid. William, bds. ns. and Biddle b. 7th 8th
Sharp William, boatman, bds. al. b. and Cass av. O'Fallon c. 7th