St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Alcan Josiah, Barnum's Hotel bds.
Alden Andrew A., carpenter, bds. 12th, se. c. Olive
Alden James F., agt. Ellery, Wendt & Hoffbauer, Main, nw. c. Locust, bds. Planters' House
Alder Alfred, box maker, H. B. Poorman
Alder Henry, tailor, bds. 11th, ne. c. Market
Alderson Wm., jr., tanner, r. ws. near 8th, Barton
Alderson William, r. ws. near 8th, Barton
Aldmier Herman, mason, r. 59 Chambers
Aldrich Dennis, tanner, 117 Locust
Aldrich Levi, physician, 44 Ashley, r.
Aldshal Charles, clerk, 326 Broadway
Alevan Jacob, brickmaker, r. ws. near 13th, Carroll
Alevel Henry, lab., r. 203 O'Fallon
Alewel Herman H., stone cutter, r. 12th, se. c. Biddle
Alexander Andrew, riverman, r. alley, bet. 12th 13th, bet. O'Fallon Biddle
Alexander Augustus W., lawyer, 31 Pine, r. ss. Eugenia, bet. High Clark av
Alexander Bazil W., (Bast, Alexander & Co.,) r. ws. n. and 5th, bet. Olive Pine
Alexander Catharine, wid. Francis, (col'd,) r. ns. and Cerre, bet. 5th 6th
Alexander Charles, constable, r. 38 Cherry
Alexander Charles, tinner, bds. 133 and 135 Market
Alexander Charles H., bookkeeper, r. 2 n. 13th
Alexander Charles H., machinist, r. 28 Montgomery
Alexander Courann H., wid. John, boarding house, ns. and Montgomery b. 9th Broadway
Alexander Cyrus, clerk, bds. 245 Broadway
Alexander Elizabeth, wid. Gerard, 202 bds. Olive
Alexander Francis, boatman, (col'd.) r. al. b. and 3d 4th, Market
ALEXANDER FRANK R., com, mer., 14 Pine, bds. Pine
Alexander George W., (G. W. Alexander & Co.) bds. Barnum's Hotel
Alexander Henry M., provisions, (col'd,) 13 Commercial, r. 8th
Alexander Jacob, dry goods, 745 Broadway, r.
Alexander James, plasterer, bds. 137 6th
Alexander John, (Alexander & Brother) bds. es. and 6th b. Morgan Franklin av
Alexander John, bartender, bds. 238 Levee
Alexander John G., salesman Child, Pratt & Fox, r. 2 n. 13th
Alexander John H., clerk, Southern Bank, bds. 68 s. 4th
Alexander Joseph, watchman, r. 44 Carr
Alexander Joshua H., (W. H. Chappell & Co,) r. 197 Pine
Alexander Junius B., Exchange Bank, (Alexander, Newcomb & Co. pres. r. 202 Olive
Alexander Linden C., clerk W. L. Ewing & Co., r. City Commons
ALEXANDER MAURICE W., druggist, se. c. and 4th Market, r. s s. Gamble av. Naomi High
Alexander Michael, gardener, bds. 273 Broadway
Alexander Mira, wid Andrew, bds. 243 Washington av
Alexander Peter R., (P. R. Alexander & Co.) r. 197 Pine
Alexander Robert, (Alexander & Brother) r. 61 Rutgers b. 7th 8th
Alexander Robert, machinist, bds. 34 s. 10th
Alexander Thomas, carpenter, St. Louis Bagging and Rope Factory
Alexander Thomas, machinist, r. and Randolph b. 12th 14th
Alexander William, carpenter, r. ns. and Orchard b. Barlow 11th
ALEXANDER G. W. & Co., Alexander George W. Keady John G. Adolphe Filibert tailors, 13 Olive
Alexander P. R. & Co., Peter R. "Laurel Brewery," Hickory nw. c. 8th
ALEXANDER, NEWCOMB & CO., Alexander, Junius) B. Newcomb, H. D. Newcomb, Warren Newcomb, and Frank and Hartwell) S. A. wholesale grocers, 5 and 7 n. 2d