St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
AlcanJosiah,bds.Barnum's Hotel
AldenAndrewA.,carpenter,bds.12th, se.c. Olive
AldenJamesF.,agt. Ellery,Wendt & Hoffbauer,of N. Y.,Main, nw.c. Locust, bds. Planters' House
AlderAlfred,box maker,H. B. Poorman
AlderHenry,tailor,bds.11th, ne.c. Market
AldersonWm., jr.,tanner,,near Barton
AldersonWilliam,sr.,,near Barton
AldmierHerman,mason,r.59 Chambers
AldrichDennis,tanner, rooms 117 Locust
AldrichLevi,physician,44 Ashley, r. same
AldshalCharles,clerk,326 Broadway
AlevanJacob,brickmaker,,near Carroll
AlevelHenry,lab.,r.203 O'Fallon
AlewelHermanH.,stone cutter,r.12th, se.c. Biddle
AlexanderAndrew,riverman,r.alley, bet. 12th and 13th, bet. O'Fallon and Biddle
AlexanderAugustusW.,lawyer,31 Pine, Eugenia, bet. High and Clark av
AlexanderBazilW.,(Bast, Alexander & Co.,), bet. Olive and Pine
AlexanderCatharine,(col'd,) wid. Francis,r.ns.Cerre, bet. 5th and 6th
AlexanderCharles,constable,r.38 Cherry
AlexanderCharles,tinner,bds.133 and 135 Market
AlexanderCharlesH.,bookkeeper,r.2 n. 13th
AlexanderCharlesH.,machinist,r.28 Montgomery
AlexanderCourannH.,wid. John, boarding house,ns.Montgomery b. 9th and Broadway
AlexanderCyrus,clerk,bds.245 Broadway
AlexanderElizabeth,wid. Gerard,bds. 202 Olive
AlexanderFrancis,(col'd.) boatman, and 4th,near Market
ALEXANDERFRANKR.,com, mer.,14 Pine, bds. 199 Pine
AlexanderGeorgeW.,(G. W. Alexander & Co.)bds.Barnum's Hotel
AlexanderHenryM.,(col'd,) provisions,13 Commercial, r. 121 8th
AlexanderJacob,dry goods,745 Broadway, r. same
AlexanderJames,plasterer,bds.137 6th
AlexanderJohn,(Alexander & Brother) b. Morgan and Franklin av
AlexanderJohn,bartender,bds.238 Levee
AlexanderJohnG.,salesman Child,Pratt & Fox,r.2 n. 13th
AlexanderJohnH.,clerk,Southern Bank,bds.68 s. 4th
AlexanderJoseph,watchman,r.44 Carr
AlexanderJoshuaH.,(W. H. Chappell & Co,)r.197 Pine
AlexanderJuniusB.,(Alexander, Newcomb & Co.pres. Exchange Bank,r.202 Olive
AlexanderLindenC.,clerkW. L. Ewing & Co.,r.City Commons
ALEXANDERMAURICEW.,druggist,se.c.4th and Market, r.s s. Gamble av. between Naomi and High
AlexanderMichael,gardener,bds.273 Broadway
AlexanderMira,wid Andrew,bds.243 Washington av
AlexanderPeterR.,(P. R. Alexander & Co.)r.197 Pine
AlexanderRobert,(Alexander & Brother)r.61 Rutgers b. 7th and 8th
AlexanderRobert,machinist,bds.34 s. 10th
AlexanderThomas,carpenter,St. Louis Bagging and Rope Factory
AlexanderThomas,machinist,r.Randolph b. 12th and 14th
AlexanderWilliam,carpenter,r.ns.Orchard b. Barlow and 11th
ALEXANDER G. W. & Co.,AlexanderGeorgeW.KeadyJohnG. & AdolpheFiliberttailors,13 Olive
Alexander P. R. & Co.,PeterR. and "Laurel Brewery," Hickory nw.c. 8th
ALEXANDER, NEWCOMB & CO.,Alexander,Junius)B.Newcomb,H. D.Newcomb,WarrenNewcomb,Frank and Hartwell)S. A.wholesale grocers,5 and 7 n. 2d