St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
BowerJohn,lab., bet. Carrol and Soulard
BowerJohn, jr.,cigar maker,r. 111 n. 9th
BowerJohn,painter,r.Julia bet. Hamtramck and Closey
BowerJohn,pedlar,bds. 139 Collins
BowerJohnM.,bootmaker,r. rear 147 n. 1th
BowerJoseph,lab.,r. rear 34 Jackson
BowerLevi,carpenter,bds.s.7th sw.c. Hickory
BowerMaurice,lab., and Columbus near Carrol
BowerWilliam,drayman, near Marion
BowersAugustus,Clerk, P. O. room 98 Market
BowersBarney,grocer, 484 n. Main, r. same
BowersCharlesF., bookkeeper, Shidy & Loomis, bet. Wash and Carr
BowersJohn,tobacconist, bet. Franklin av. and Wash
BowersJohnF.,gilder,r. 59 s. 8th
BowersJulia,wid. Thomas A.,boarding, 278 n. 2d
BowersJohn,stove moulder,bds. 278 n. 2d.
BowersRosina,wid. of Peter, and Carr and 11th and 12th
BowihThompson,shoemaker,bds. 41 s. 3d
BowlanPatrick,finisher,bds. 40 Collins
BowlerRichard, bookkeeper, Reed & Co.,r.Manchester road
BowlinEdward,lab.,r.sw.c.19th and Biddle
BowlusLewisH.,(Phillips & Bowlus,)bds. 133 Collins
Bowmann,barber,bds. 158 Market
BowmanAdamR.,commission merchant, 37 Commercial Dillon bet. Chouteau avenue and Hickory
BowmanC. H., saleswoman, Grover & Baker,r.4th bet. Carr and O'Fallon
BowmannCharlesW.,clerk,r. 116 n. 3d
BowmanHannah,wid. David,r. 90 n. 9th
BowmanHenryA.,ship carpenter.r. 116 Collins
BowmanJohn,carriage maker, 16 Chesnut
BOWMANJOHN,physician, 161 n. 4th, r. 8 Gay
BowmanJulius,ostler,bds. 183 n. 11th
BowmannWilliam,lab.,bds. 15 Elm
Bowman & Co.,BowmanAdamR. & com. and forwd, 37 n. Commercial
BoxbergerAnton,lab.,r. rear 237 s. 2d
BoyLudwig,cabinet maker,r. rear 214 Wash
BoyceJerome,clerk, 66 n. 17th, r. 193 Green
BoyceJamesR., salesman, R. Keeler & Co., bet. Biddle and O'Fallon
BoyceJohn,mason, and 14th and O'Fallon and Biddle
BoyceJoseph, clerk, Ober, Norris & Co.,r.Green bet. 9th and 10th
BoyceMartin,r. 213 O'Fallon
BoyceMaryE.,wid. William, 15th and 16th
BoyceMathew, 22d and 23d
BoyceRobert,salesman, Vincent & Co.,r. 57 n. 8th
BoyceSarah,wid. Patrick;r. 193 Green
BoyceUptonL.,(Shreve & Boyce,)r 27 n. 8th
BoyceWilliamR.,clerk,bds.n.18th bet. Biddle and O'Fallon
BoydAaron,moulder, Mercer and Naomi
BoydAlexander,lab.,r. 832 Broadway
BoydAlexander,teamster,r. 246 n. 9th
BoydArchibald,steamboatman,r. 68 Mound
BoydC. H.,clk.bds.Missouri Hotel
BoydFrancis,saloon, 215 n. 5th, bds. same
BoydG. A.,(Boyd & Scobee,)r.Benton se.c. Broadway
BoydGeorgeW.,(Boyd, Burke & Co.,)r. 53 Myrtle
BoydJames,plasterer,bds. 246 n. 9th
BoydJamesF.,(J. F. Boyd & Co.,)r. 76 n. 18th
BoydJamesF.,saddler, b. Morgan and Franklin av
BoydJohn,lab.bds. 50 Carr
BoydJohn, b. Cass av. and Mullanphy