St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Sifert John, blacksmith, r. 259 n. 9th
SIGEL FRANCIS P., teacher mathematics, German Institute, r. s. al. on Gratiot b. 5th 6th
Siger Frederick, clerk, r. 126 n. 17th
Siger William, storekeeper, r. 103 Carondelet av
Sigerson John, r. 173 n. 5th
Sigford William, oysterdealer, rooms 57 Chesnut
Sigg Jacob, barkeeper, r. 175 Carondelet av
Sigg Wendelin, wagonmaker, Lafayette c. Menard
Sigler Andrew, carpenter, r. and Douchouquette b. Columbus Jackson
Sigler Jacob, moulder, bds. 2d sw. c. Plum
Siglinger John, tobacconist, ss. and Franklin av. b. 22d 23d, bds.
Sigmont Adam, dairy, r. and Lina b. Lafayette Geyer av
Sigmund Edward, coppersmith, r. 248 s. 2d
Signaigo Antony, confectioner, 108 Franklin av
Signargo James S., saloon, 175 Broadway, r.
Sigoney James, tobacconist, r. ss. and Orange b. 14th 15th
Sigumunt Anton, musician, bds. 473 s. 7th
Sigwart Leonhard, clothing, 11 Myrtle, r. ns. Almond b. Main 2d
Sihl Charles, lab., bds. 830 Broadway
Sihwarzkopf Louis, butcher, 56 Franklin av.
SIKEMEIER FREDERICK, boarding and saloon, ss. and Market bet. 20th 21st
Sikes Edwin, finisher, r. bet. and High 14th Biddle
Silvermann, Christopher, musician, bds. 190 s. Main
Silcott William, builder, r. es. near 9th Buchanan
Silence Thomas, (Wood & Silence) rooms 10 Green
Silk Patrick, lab., r. 418 n. Main
Sill Brearly, H. teacher, r. 141 s. 7th
Sill Joseph B., clerk, P. R. R. Freight depot, r. 141 s. 7th
Sills John, porter, Samuel Bonner & Co., r. es. and 11th b. O'Fallon Cass av
Silmuss Joseph, tailor, r. es. and Jackson, bet. Emmet L'esperance
Silver John, 90 bds. s. 2d
Silvers George H. dentist, 15 s. 7th, r.
Silvers John, moulder, r. b. and 10th 11th Franklin av. Wash
Silverstone Isaac, salesman, J. Jonas, r. 162 n. 3d
Silverthorn George, lab., bds. 398 n. 7th
Silvi John, (Silvi & Malla) r. 3d se. c. Myrtle
Silvi & Malla, Silvi (John Malla) John beer saloon, 11 n. Levee
Simatam Frank, blacksmith, bds. ss. and Soulard bet. Buel Menard
Simerlog Charles, carpenter, bds. Soulard c. Rosatti
Simers Catherine, wid., r. 137 n. 5th
Simion Francis, clerk, r. ss. and Autumn bet. South Stoddard av
Simler Anthony, tailor, bds. ws. and 2d bet. Almond Poplar
Simler Frederick, shoemaker, r. ws. and 8th b. Biddle O'Fallon
Simmernann Catharine, wid. John H., r. bet. and 15th 16th, Cass av. O'Fallon
Simmis George, shoemaker, bds. 133 Biddle
Simmon Henry, machinist, r. 259 n. 7th
Simmon William, attendant, r. City Hospital
Simmons Albert, conductor, r. 173 Wash
Simmons Cyrenius C., (Simmons, Woerner & Billings) r. 169 s. 3d
Simmons Edward C., salesman, Wilson, Levering & Waters, r. 118 Olive
Simmons George, peddler, bds. ss. Ferry opp. Rolling Mill
Simmons George S., r. es. and Columbus b. Picotte L'esperance
Simmons Henry H., travl. agt., N. M. R. R., r. 11th c. n. Market
Simmons John, butcher, 38 Lucas Market, r. Stahlen's brewery
Simmons John H., jr., salesman, Thomas H. Larkin & Co., r. ss. and Olive bet. 8th 9th
Simmons Joseph W., painter, r. 236 n. 5th