St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Smith Mathew, rag dealer, 202 s. 5th, r.
Smith Mathias, machinist, bds. Matteson Hotel
Smith Michael, carpenter, r. ws. and 15th bet. O'Fallon Cass av
Smith Michael, moulder, bds., 351 n. Main
Smith Michael, ostler, r. ss. and Park av. b. 2d Carondelet Mississippi avs
Smith Michael, stove moulder, bds. Main ne. c. O'Fallon
Smith Milton, clothier, bds. 138 n. 3d
Smith Moran, machinist, bds. 122 O'Fallon
Smith Morgan, trader, bds. 43 s. 5th
Smith Nathaniel, clerk, Assessor's office, r. ns. near Russell av. 7th
Smith Norman, painter, rooms 8th se. c. Wash
Smith Patrick, brickmaker, bds. 1 n. 11th
Smith Patrick, grocer, 146 Wash, r.
Smith Patrick, lab., r. 200 s. 5th
Smith Patrick, lab., r. 431 Morgan
Smith Patrick, lab., r. and Clark av. b. 18th 19th
Smith Patrick, lab., r. ss. and Biddle b. 17th 18th
Smith Patrick, lab., r. al. b. and Carr Biddle, 17th 18th
Smith Patrick, lab., r. ws. and 20th b. Market Estelle
Smith Patrick, saloon, 62 n. Levee, r. n. 8th
Smith Peter, bellmaker, r. Emmet ne. c. DeKalb
Smith Peter, boatman, r. al. bet. and 8th 9th O'Fallon
Smith Peter, bookseller, 194 n. 4th, r.
Smith Peter, carpenter, bds. Clark av. sw. c. 14th
Smith Peter, mason, r. 205 Morgan
Smith Peter, stableman, bds. 201 Broadway
Smith Peter, tollgatekeeper, r. Menard nw. c. Soulard
Smith Philip, ostler, 242 Broadway
Smith Philip, and saloon, (Doyle & Smith) rooms 6th sw. c. Chesnut, Spruce b. 6th 7th
Smith Philip, star candlemaker, Kosciusko c. Barton
Smith Philip J., bricklayer, bds. and Papin b. 13th 14th
Smith Philip U., clerk, r. rear 165 Carondelet av
Smith Philander K., clerk, Smith, Sherwood & Co., bds. 97 Pine
Smith Pulaski, clerk, Henry Ames & Co., r. 280 n. Main
Smith Randolph, riverman, bds. 177 n. 4th
Smith Rapin E., r. 634 Morgan
Smith Reiner, wagonmaker, Menard, c. Lafayette
Smith Richard, blacksmith, r. 20 Columbia
Smith Richard, (col'd) lab., r. 87 s. 5th
Smith Richard E., foreman, Gaty, McCune & Co., r. 20 Columbia
Smith Richard H., pilot, bds. 113 Collins
Smith Robert, carpenter, 137 6th
Smith Robert, driver, r. es. and 10th b. Webster Chambers
Smith Robert, saloon and boarding, (col'd) 114 s. 4th, r.
Smith Robert A., painter, 76 Franklin av
Smith Robert B., barkeeper, r. and Targee b. Market Clark av
Smith Robert J., bookkeeper, Marx & Shoen, r. 85 n. 17th
Smith Robert O., carpenter, bds. 137 n. 6th
Smith S. Prentiss, clerk, r. ns. and Chouteau av. b. 8th 9th
Smith Samuel, supt., rope and bagging factory, r. 94 s. 14th
Smith Samuel, tinner, bds. Kentucky House
Smith Samuel G., driver, Mitchell, Rammelsberg & Co., r. ws. 19th nr. Cass av
Smith Samuel H., bookkeeper, James S. Wilgus, bds. Guenaudon's
Smith Samuel W., stovemounter, r. ws. and 10th b. Buchanan Angelrodt
Smith Sarah W., wid. James H., r. 259 n. 8th
Smith Sarah, wid. William, r. 10 s. 10th
Smith Sarah A., wid, William E., 90½ hairworker, n. 4th, r.