St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Smith William H., carpenter, bds. es. and Ham b. Hickory Chouteau av
SMITH WILLIAM H., general agent for and dealer in land, Pine ne. c. 3d
Smith William H., (W. H. Smith & Co) r. 60 s. 14th
Smith William J., private watchman, bds. 19 Elm
Smith William L., (Smith & Wilk) r. 27 s. 8th
SMITH WILLIAM L., bricklayer, 328 n. 9th, r.
Smith William P., engineer, C. R. Anderson
Smith Wilson, steward, r. ss. and Carr, b. 21st 22d
Smith F. & Co., Smith (Frederick Addicks) G. Deidrick grocers, 25 s. Levee
Smith W. H. & Co., mnfrs., Smith, (Wm. H. Holloway E. W. Huges) Daniel T. mustard mnfrs., 347 Market
Smith W. H.& W., (William Hamilton) produce, 287 Broadway
Smith W. & H. & Co., Smith, (William H. Smith, William McCombs, John H. Smith Henry W. Smith) Charles produce, butter and cheese, 12 Pine
SMITH ALEXANDER H. & CO., O'Fallon Mills, Jones) (John O'Fallon Mills, b. and 4th 5th, Hazel Lombard
SMITH HARROLD & CO., Planing Mill, Smith (Harrold Planing Mill, and Kosciusko b. Douchouquette Trudeau, Lami st. depot
SMITH,SHERWOOD & CO., com. mers., Smith (Elon G. Sherwood) William K. com. mers., 11 Market
Smith and Burman, Smith (Joseph Burman) Andrew filemakers, 7th sw. c. Howard
SMITH & CO., Smith (Marshal lumber, 50 s. Levee
Smith & Flepin, com. mers., Smith (William A. Fleppin) Edward F. com. mers., 79 n. 2d
Smith & Harklerodes, Smith (William B. Harklerodes) John planing mill, Howard ne. c. 11th
Smith & Marsh, Smith (Ellery P. Marsh) Owen P. physicians, n. 5th se. c. Pine
SMITEI & PEAY, Smith (William H. Peay Robert W. sale stable, 493 and 495 Broadway
Smith & Wilk, Smith (Benj. F. Wilk) William N. grocers, 191 Broadway
Smithers Isaiah P., foreman, John A. Smithers, r. 102 Pine
SMITHERS JOHN A, undertaker, 107 Chesnut, r. n. 6th
Smithouse John, tobacconist, r. es. and 12th b. Biddle O'Fallon
Smitesker John, barber, bds. 191 s. 4th
Smitten Jacob, lab., r. near Rutgers 7th
Smol Frank, tailor, r. ns. near Marion Fulton
Smolle James, bricklayer, bds. 14th sw. c. Clark av
Smout Charles, tailor, bds. and O'Fallon b. 5th 6th
Smucker David R., merchant tailor, 26 Olive, r. ss. Labaume b. Broadway 9th
Smyth Isaac S., (Smyth, Gore & Co) r. 241 Pine
Smyth Joseph, stonecutter, r. 26th se. c. Frariklin avenue
Smyth Thomas, blacksmith, Lombard se. c. 4th, r. Menard nw. c. Soulard
Smyth Thomas, carpenter, r. 321 Washington av
SMYTH, GORE & CO., Smyth, (Isaac S. Gore William H. Schenck) John H. commission, 38 n. Commercial
Snabley Michael, carpenter, bds. 22 Madison
Snappa Charles, cigarmaker, 340 Broadway
Snaveroy Samuel, blacksmith, r. Glasgow av. c. Penrose
Snead Thomas L., (Wickham & Snead) r. country
Sneider Frank, butcher, bds. 21st. se. c. Franklin av
Sneidher James, milkman, r. and Lux b. Arsenal Cherokee
Sneidher Henry, cigarmaker, bds. ws. and Broadway b. O'Fallon Cass av
Sneiger Fritz, cigar mnfr., bds. 489 Morgan
Sneith Parkin, carpenter, r. 215 n. 8th
Snell Anton, teamster, r. and Rosatti bet. Emmet Lafayette av
Snell Charles A., bookkeeper, H. N. Hart, r. ns. and Wash b. 24th Pratte av