St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Staehlin John, lab., bds. es. and Decatur bet. Soulard Lafayette
Staehlin Wolf, lab., bds. es. and Decatur bet. Soulard Lafayette
STAEHLIN & HALM, Staehlin (Christian Halm) Joseph Phoenix Brewery, Lafayette c. 2d Carondelet av
Staehlin & Hess. Staehlin (George F. Hess) Henry who. liquordealers, 37 Market
Staen Michael, bootmaker, bds. 45½ Market
Staer Michael, lab., r. al. bet. and 7th Fulton, Barry Marion
Stafelbach Michael, confectioner, r. 88 n. 3d
Staffan Christian, teamster, bds. 1151 Broadway
Staffern Michael, basketmaker, r. es. and DeKalb bet. Sidney Anna
Staffharst Charles, carpenter, bds. 356 n. Main
Stafford Jacob, lab., r. es. al. bet. and Jackson Columbus nr. Marion
Stafford James, lab., bds. 93 Wash
Stafford John, lab., ss. and Orange bet. 17th 18th
Stafford John, lab., r. ws. al. bet. and 13th 14th, O'Fallon Biddle
Stafford Robert, moulder, r. 2 Center
Stafford Thomas, moulder, r. Market sw. c. Center
Stagerwald Adam, watchman, Iron Mountain steam forge, c. and Lami Columbus
STAGG EDWARD, secy. Gas Co., r. Chesnut sw. c. n. 8th
Stagg Henry, (Stagg & Bro) r. ns. and Morgan bet. Leffingwell Ewing avs
Stagg Warren, (Stagg & Bro) r. es and 16th bet. Walnut Clark av
STAGG & BRO., agts., (Henry Warren) agts., safe investment of money 20 Pine
Staggart George, blacksmith, Theodore Salorgue
Stagmann Henry, stonemason, r. es. and Howard bet. 12th 13th
Stahl Gustave F., jewelry, 109 Franklin av., r.
Stahl Jacob, drayman, bds. 381 Franklin av
Stahl John, shoemaker, and Broadway se. c. Dock, r. Broadway bet. Dock Buchanan
Stahl Joseph, shoemaker, r. and 17th bet. Wash Carr
Stahl Louis, tailor, r. 131 n. 15th
Stahl Mary, wid. Christian, r. and Franklin av. b. Beaumont Leffingwell av
Stahlberg Charles, baker, 230 Broadway
Stahlberg William, (Klein & Stahlberg) bds. 224 Market
Stahlberg William, lab., r. ws. 17th nr. n. Market
Stahle Christian, safemaker, bds. 83 Morgan
Stahle Frederick, liquors, r. 129 s. 3d
Stahlin John, tailor, ns. and Mulberry bet. 2d 3d., r.
Staimmeth John, bricklayer, bds. ss. and Orchard bet. Barlow 11th
Staley John P., carbuilder, bds. 23 n. 12th
Stall Ferdinand, r. and Park av. bet. 7th 8th
Stall Jacob, lab., r. ss. and Ann av. bet. 7th 8th
Stall John, moulder, r. and Menard bet. Emmet Geyer av.
Stall John A., carpenter, r. 10 Brooklyn
Stallberg William, lab., r. 19th nw. c. Jefferson
Stallinsky Henry, lab., r. 79 s. Main
Stam Balthazar, lab., r. rear 216 Biddle
Stam John, engineer, r. ns. and Lafayette bet. Fulton Decatur
Stamer Nicholas, bartender, r. rear 346 s. 7th
Stamm A., teacher, bds. 13 s. 5th
Stamm Charles, blacksmith, r. ws. and Carondelet av. b. Allen Russell avs
Stamm Geo., saddler, Carondelet av. nw. c. Allen av
Stamm Henry, merchant tailor, 190 s. 3d
STAMM HERMANN, bottledealer, 154 s. 7th, r.
Stamm Philip, confectionery, 99 s. 4th, r.
Stammer William, lab., bds. and 19th bet. Davis Hebert
Stamms Aaron, porter, Adams Express Co., 6th nw. c. O'Fallon