St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Talis Charles, policeman, rooms Washington av. ne. c. 8th
Talken John, carpenter, r. al. b. and Biddle O'Fallon 7th 8th
Tallan Judith, wid. Patrick, r. es. al. b. and Broadway Collins nr. O'Fallon
Talleur Christian, ropemaker, r. ns. and Susan b. Compton av. Thomas
Talley Charles, carpenter, bds. Arsenal ne. c. 7th
Talley George C., tobacconist, r. 337 n. 11th
Talley James A., bookkeeper, bds. 109 w. Brooklyn
Talley James G. fireman, 198 n. 5th
Tallis Thomas, marshal, asst. Recorder's office, rooms Washington av. ne. c. 8th
Tallis Thomas, clerk, Sheriff's office, r. ss. and Randolph b. 13th 14th
Tallon Thomas, tailor, bds, 11 Collins
Taman William, ostler, bds. 1151 Broadway
Tamm Jacob, Savings Association, (Tamm & Meyer) and Prest. r. Tayon nw. c. Chouteau av
Tamm Jacob., Tamm & Meyer, supt., bds. Tayon nw. c. Chouteau av
TAMM & MEYER, mnfr. Tamm (Jacob Meyer) Henry P. woodenware mnfr. ns. of Chouteau av. e. Pratte av., n. Main.
Tammert Charles, cigar dealer, 362 s. 7th, r.
Tamplin Patrick B., foreman, Stone & Co., r. 135 O'Fallon
Tanby Gustavus, saddletree maker, bds. market sw. c. 10th
Tandy Charlton, driver, (col'd) r. 130 Orange
Tandy David E., physician, 123 9th nw. c. Olive, r. Olive
Tandy Robert L., bookkeeper, John C. Bull, bds 162 n. 7th
Tangeman Gerrard, drayman, r. es. alley bet. 9th 10th, Biddle O'Fallon
Tanger Joseph, teamster, r. 209 n. 13th
Tangler Peter, teamster, r. alley b. Picotte Trudeau Dekalb Kosciusko
Tankard Thomas, lab., r. 19th nw. c. Biddle
Tanking Henry, teamster. r. es. near Buel Geyer av
Tann Christian, cabinetmaker, r. ss. and Convent bet. 3d 5th
Tannrath Benjamin (Schuler & Tannrath) bds. 51 Spruce
Tannehill James B., mailwrapper bds. 487 Broadway
Tanner Anthony, hempmaker, r. ss. near Gratiot High
Tanner Charles, plasterer. bds. 287 n. 6th
Tanner James, carpenter, r. 520 9th
Tanner James M., butcher, r. ss. and Scott av. b. High Pratte av
Tanner John, carpenter, bds. 21st se. c. Franklin av
Tanner Joseph, salesman, Reed & Co., bds. Virginia Hotel
Tanner W. C., tanner, Easton c Barton
Tanner William, carpenter, bds. 287 n. 6th
Tanner James, fireman, (col'd) r. and Ewing b. Laclede av. Chesnut
Tanton Thomas, druggist, 6th sw. c. Olive, bds. Monroe House
Tantz Emil, cooper, bds. 473 s. 7th
Tapfer William, lab., r. es. and 10th bet. O'Fallon Cass av
Taphom August, dairyman, r. Chouteau av. ne. c. Thomas
Tappan John W., sewing machines, 126 n. 4th, bds. 4th sw. c. Elm
Tappe Gerard, lab., r. 138 Wash
Tardrew Thomas, Bulletin office, bds. Everett House
Targee Albert, painter, bds. 22 s. 14th
Targee Sarah A., wid. Thomas B., r. 22 s. 14th
Tarlton James, painter, r. ss. and Clark av. bet. Mercer Naomi
Tarpy Thomas, lab., bds. 139 Collins
Tarrall James, teamster, r. ns. and Carr bet. 23d 24th
Tarsons John H., clerk, Democrat office, bds. 249 Olive