St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
BrannanJames,lab.,bds. 7 Morgan
BrannanJohn,bartender, 164 Morgan
BrannanJoseph,engineer, bet. Malinckrodt and Destrehan
BrannanMartin,druggist, 353 n. Main, bds. 351 n. Main
BrannanMichael,lab.,13th s. of Cass av
BrannanPatrick,lab.,r. 432 n. 9th
BrannanPatrick,lab.,r.ns.Franklin 20th and 21st
BranneganPatrick,tanner, bet 5th and 6th
BrannenJohn,furniture,r. 201 Green
BrannenJohn,teamster,r. 124 n. 15th
BrannenMatthewJ.,carpenter,r. 201 Green
BrannenPatrick,lab.,r. 302 n. 7th
BranninAbrahamO.,(A. O. Brannin & Co.,)bds.ns.Chouteau av. near 14th
BranninJohnS.,(A. O. Brannin & Co.,)r.Louisville Ky
Brannin,AbrahamO. soap and star candle manfrs., BRANNIN A. O. & CO.,Kosciusco, cor. Barton and 30 n. 2d
BranningGeorgeJ.,brewer,bds. 381 Franklin av
BranninghamPatrick,fireman,r. 311 s 2d
BrannonThomas,P. R. R.,r.sw.c.Pratte av
BrannonWilliam,lab.,r.ns.Randolph near 20th
BranscombCharlesH.,(Branscomb, Mills & Leeds,)r. 4 Targee
Branscomb,CharlesH. lawyers, BRANSCOMB, MILLS & LEEDS, 23 Pine
BarnsfordGeorge,finisher,r. rear 206 Wash
BarnsfordJamesB.,carpenter,r. 76 Franklin av.
BransonCharlesE., bookkeeper, Nathan Coleman,bds. 65 Myrtle
BransonJosephH., telegraph operator Court Housebds. 65 Myrtle
BransonJuliaA.,wid. Phillip H.,r. 67 Myrtle
BransonPhillipH., clerk, Ladd, Patrick & Co., rooms 13th nw.c. O'Fallon
BransonWilliamW.,bookkeeper, bet. Cedar and Mulberry
BransteirConrad,lab.,r.Decatur nw.c. Ann av
BrantAnton,shoemaker, and 11th n. of O'Fallon
BrantAuguste,teamster,bds.,17th bet. Cass av. and Mullanphy
BrantCharles,blacksmith,bds. 160 Carondelet av
BrantDiedrich, clerk, Bestoso, bet. Wash and Carr
BrantJacob,lab., Ange nr. Park av
BrantJacob,moulder,r.Carrol c. St. Ange
BrantJohn,clerk,r.alley bet. Carondelet av. and 7th nr. Barry
BrantJoseph,brickmaker,bds.sw.c.14th and Clark av
BrantJoshuaB., (Thos. J.Kennedy agt.,) (St. Louis Bagging and Rope Co.,)101 s. 5th and Chouteau 8th
BrantLewis,jeweller, 130 s. 2d
BrantSamuel,cigar maker,r. 194 Wash
BrantSchohaliftea,wid. John, av. and 7th near Barry
BRANTWILLIAM, ticket agt.Hannibal and St. joe R. R.,r.14th bet. Wash and Carr
BrantanWilliam,lab.,r.Columbus ne.c. Marion
BranteLaura,midwife, 132 n. 8th, r. same
BranteWilliam,r. 132 n. 9th
BranttAugust,lab.,r. 206 n. Market
BranttHenry,tailor, near Barry
BraschFrederick,tinsmith,bds. 76 s. 2d
BrasbearMorse,engineer, bet. Sidney and Lynch
BRASHERFREDERICK,wines and liquors, 4 City Buildings, r. 16th se.c. North
BrassWilliam,cabinet maker, 244 Wash, r. same
BrassWilliam,glue maker,Bellefontaine bet Harrison and Dock, r. same
BrassillEdward,lab.,bds. 45 Poplar