St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Todd August, lab., r. 19th c. n. Market
Todd Charles, (G. & C. Todd & Co) bds. Virginia Hotel
Todd Charlotte, wid. Henry K., teacher, r. 17 n. 12th
Todd David, feedstore, 284 Broadway, r.
Todd Edward, lab., r. 140 n. 17th
Todd George, r. rear 42 Lombard
Todd George, (G. & C. Todd & Co) r. ns. Washington av. nr. 13th
Todd George, shoemaker, r. ns. al. bet. and Market Walnut w. 8th
TODD IRA, r. Park av. City Commons
Todd Jane, millinery, 72 Mound, r.
Todd John, clerk, bds. 97 Pine
Todd Matilda, wid. David, r. 163 n. 5th
Todd Robert P., painter, r. Targee sw. c. Market
Todd Samuel A. carpenter, r. 72 Mound
Todd Sarah D., wid. Henry, r. 396 Market
Todd Washington, (G. & C. Todd & Co) bds. Virginia Hotel
TODD G. & C. & CO., (George, Charles Todd) Washington mill materials, 212 n. Main n. 2d
Todder Charles, lab., r. 8th se. c. Park av
Tode Henry, cigarmaker, bds. 195 s. 4th
Tode William, cigarmaker, r. 24 Franklin av
Todebush John F., fishmonger, 4 City Market, r. ns. Orange bet. 20th 21st
Toeben Herman, porter, bds. 162 n. 9th
Toebel Frank, tailor, r. ws. and 8th bet. Rutgers Park av
William, Toel J. (Toel & Holscher) r. ns. and Gay bet. 15th 16th
Toel William, clerk, r. 15th sw. c. Gay
Toel & Holsher mers., (Toel J. William Holscher) Charles produce mers., 45 s. Main
Toenis Joseph, cigarmaker, r. Carr nw. c. n. 8th
Toepfer Justus, carpenter, r. 158 n. 11th
Toewater Albert P., clerk, Frederick R. Toewater, r. Carondelet rd., nr. Lemp's Cave
Toewater Frederick R., com. and for'rd. mer. 75 n. 2d r. Carondelet rd. nr. Lemp's Cave
Tohbe Gerrit, cooper, bds. 714 Broadway
TOLEDO, WABASH & WESTERN R. R.ticket office 44 n. 4th
Tolkin John, moulder, Kingslands & Ferguson
Tolke Peter, carpenter, rear 208 n. Market
Toll Otto, cooper, r. and Rosatti bet. Soulard Lafayette
Tolle John F., (Osborne & Tolle) r. ws. al. bet. and 10th 11th Howard Mound
Tolle Philip, shoemaker, r. 193 n. 2d
Tolley Patrick, lab., r. rear 795 Broadway
Tolman James H., bookkeeper, Horace E. Dimick, bds. 69 bds. s. 4th
Tolond John, lab., r. ns. al. bet. and 9th 10th, Market Clark av
Tolond John, lab., r. ns. and Franklin av. bet. 16th 17th
Tolson Thomas, barkeeper, 5th sw. c. Green
Toly Margaret A., wid. Francis, r. 59 n. 17th
Toma Catharine, wid. Lorenz, r. 193 n. 13th
Toma Charles, (Toma & Kaiser) bds. 59 Spruce
Toma & Kaiser, Toma (Charles Kaiser) Jacob carpenters, 29 Almond
Tomachik William, r. al. bet. and Allen Geyer avs. 9th 10th
Tomas Franz, shoemaker, r. 286 n. Market
Tomaszkiewieez Adam J., clerk, Cuno, Mense & Meyer
Tomat Francis, peddler, r. ws. and Kosciusko bet. L'esperance Picotte
Tombas John B., barber, 886 Broadway, r.
Tomek Wenzel, beer saloon, es. and Buel bet. Soulard Lafayette, r.
Tomer Isaac, carpenter, r. 287 Carr
Tomerty Peter, cattle dealer, r. op. near P. R. R. High
Tomes Frederick, lab., r. 139 n. 14th
Tomey Michael, teamster, r. 286 Biddle