St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
BrazierFrederick,grocer,r.107 n. 16th, r. same
BrazoBaptiste,(col'd,) and Columbus and Barry and Soulard
BreadbichCharles,cooper, b. 19th and 20th
BreadingJamesE.,(Douglas, Gazzam & Co.,)r.Pittsburg, Pa
BreadyHugh,drayman,r.Spruce b. 13th and 14th
BreadyJames,bootmaker,bds. 222 Market
BreadyJames,lab.,r.Carr b. 21st and 22d
BreadyThomas,engineer,r. rear 312 s. 7th
BreardBenoit,clairvoyant physician,3d c. Green
BreauchPeter,carpenter, and Estelle
BrebaughSimeon,(S. Brebaugh & Co.,)r. 387 Broadway
Brebaugh S. & Co.,(SimeonBrebaugh and Yaeger,) mers. and flour agts., 387 and 389 and Broadway
BreckDaniel,r.Christy av.b. 22d and 23d
BreckThomas,plasterer,bds. 135 Wash
BreckemeyerAugustus,carpenter, b. Victor and Sidney
BreckerJohn,gilder,bds.Washington 9th
BreckerHenry,drayman,r.139 n. 14th
BreckerbaumerHenry,baker, b.n. Market and Benton
BreckinridgeSamuelM.,Judge Circuit Court,r. 14 n. 9th
BreiterHenry,teamster,r.Linn b. Lafayette and Emmet
BreckwederHarman,driver,r.s.7th ne.c. Arrow
BreckwinketErnest,cooper,bds.13th b. Spruce and Poplar
BredderCasper,teamster,r.Closey c. Emmet
BredeboeftJohnF.,cutter Muller & Wood, b. Wash and Carr
BredellEdward, President Missouri Glass Co., op. Lafayette Park
BredellEdward, jr., clerk, Missouri Glass Co.,bds,ss.Lafayette op. Lafayette Park
BredemannBernardH.,teamster,r.12th b. Spruce and Poplar
BredemeirFritz,teamster,r.Davis w. of Natural Bridge plank road
BredemierCharlesH.,(Bredemier & Dorges,)r. 68 Carr
Bredemier & Dorges,CharlesBredemierH. and Dorges,)Harman cigars and tobacco, 72 Carr, and ns. O'Fallon b. 9th and 10th
BredenOtis, clerk, Gaty, McCune & Co., b O'Fallon and Cass av
BredenkotterLouis,lab.,r.ns.Benton b. 14th and 15th
BredoivTheodore, wines and liquors, 20 s. Commercial 5th b. Gratiot and Cerre
BrederickFranz,gardener,r.13th and Mallinckrodt
BredyEllen,wid. John,r. 44 Christy av
BreecherMichael,produce,bds. 245 Broadway
BreedHoraceF.,(Breed & Cowles,)r. 37 s. 3d
BreedStanleyM., carpenter, Walnutb.7th and 8th, bds. Burnett House
BreedHoraceF. and Cowles,)Gustavus boots and shoes, BREED & COWLES, 62 Market
BreenAndrewH.,carpenter,r. 296 Chesnut
BreenDaniel,grocer,ss.Clark av. on 8th, r. same
BreenDennis,lab.,r.18th b. O'Fallon and Cass av
BreenJames,lab.,r. 298 n. 7th
BreenJohn,teamster,bds.18th se.c. Cass av
BreerGerardS.,shoemaker, 23d and 24th
BreggimennHarmann,saddler,r.McNair nw.c. Victor
BrehnConrad,liquors, 113 Gay
BreidenbachBernard,clerk,bds. 361 Franklin av
BreidenbachCourath,butcher, 39 s. Market
BriedenbachGustavus,lab., av.b. Postalozzi and Arsenal
BreidenbachHenry,foreman Coste & Lenssler,r. 439 Carondelet av
BreidenbachMichaelJ.,grocer and dry goods, Poplarb.20th and 21st, r. same