St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Vitter John, tobacconist, r. ss. and Convent b. 3d 5th
Vittinghoff Frederick, packer, r. 105 s. 2d
Vittinghoff William F., bookkeeper, r. 62 Spring
Vitzthum Henry, shoemaker, r. Mallinckrodt c. 13th
Vitzig Peter, machinist, r. 308 s. 3d
Vivian James, foreman, Job Room, Democrat, bds. ws. and 7th bet. Pine Olive
Vix Andreas, harnessmaker, bds. 76 s. Main
Vizemann George, blacksmith, 347 s. 5th, r.
Vlake Christopher H., riverman, r. 237 n. 13th
Vlash Venzel, tailor, r. ns. and Julia bet. Menard Rosatti
Vlohohristo James, lab., r. rear 335 s. 7th
Vocher Joseph, r. Soulard c. Rosatti
Vocklinger Theodore, shoemaker, 82 s. Main, r.
Vockrodt Christian A., sewers, sup't. bds. ss. and Emmet bet. 8th 9th
Vockrott Christian, sewers, supt. r. and Emmet bet. Buel Decatur
Voet Michael, bootmaker, r. es. n. and 16th b. O'Fallon Cass av
Voctor William, finisher, J. T. Dowdall & Co
Voddes Jacob, architect, bds. 97 n. 6th
Voden Harrison, boarding, 507 Broadway
Voden Hazlet, grocer, r. 187 Washington av
Vodicka Frank, butcher, r. ws. near Fulton Barry
Vodlein George, cigar manfr., r. alley rear Mulberry bet. 3d 4th
Voelcker John F., blacksmith, 301 Franklin av., r. ns. Franklin av. bet. 14th
Voelker Francis, (Uehlinger & Voelker) r. and Main b. Lombard Hazel
Voelker Henry, butcher, 21 Center market r. Dekalb Sidney
Voelker John A., cooper, bds. 381 Franklin av
Voepel Michael, house agt, r. ns. and Franklin av. b. 21st 22d
Voerde Frederick W., bookkeeper, r. es. and 10th bet. Howard Mound
Voerster Frederick, lab., r. rear. 168 n. 12th
Voerster John E., clerk recorder's office, r. and Risley b. Lombard Hazel
Voertlein George, cigarmaker, J. A. Day
Vogalbein Joseph, lab., r. ns. and Franklin av. b. 22d 23d
Vögeding Gottlieb, brickmaker, r. 14th sw. c. Benton
Vögeding William, lab., r. 14th sw. c. Benton
Vogel Anthony, cabinetmaker, rear 152 n. 13th, r.
Vogel Armand, saloon, ws. and Carondelet av. b. Sidney al. r.
Vogel Augustus, lab., r. 202 s. Main
Vogel Benjamin, musicteacher, r. ws. 7th nr. Hickory
Vogel Edward, clerk, Henry Kirchner, bds. ns. n. and Market b. 14th 15th
Vogel Elizabeth, wid. John, r. 311 s. 2nd
Vogel Ernest, restaurant and boarding, 163 Broadway r.
Vogel Theodore, clerk, G. F. Vogel, bds. 221 s. 4th
Vogel George F., liquordealer, 221 s. 4th, r.
Vogel George L., r. and Pennsylvania av. b. Arsenal Wyoming
Vogel Henry, baker, 191 Carondelet av., r.
Vogel Henry T. (Fife & Vogel,) r. 73 Brooklyn
VOGEL JACOB J., grocer, 334 s. 3rd, r.
Vogel John, cigars, 204 s. Main, r.
Vogel John, grocer, 87 n. 3rd, r.
Vogel John, lab., r. ss. and Christy av. b. 22d 23d
Vogel John, salesman, Jameson, Cotting & Co., r. and Risley b. Hazel Lombard
Vogel John, jr., bookkeeper, Parker, Russell & Co., r. 3d ne. c. Locust
VOGEL JOHN C., pres. St. Louis Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance co., r. and 24th b. Franklin av. Wash
Vogel John G., potter, ws. and Barry b. 7th Fulton r.
Vogel Rudolph, tailor, r. es. Columbus nr. Marion
Vogel Sigismund, painter, r. 270 n. 12th