St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
BrenickerFrederick,r.Rosatti b. Emmet and Geyer avenue
BrenizerAddisonG., bookkeeper, Grimsley & Co.,r.Chouteau av., Toney's add
BrenizerCharlesG.,bds 135 n. 5th
BrennanAnn,wid. James,r.ns.water worksbet,20th and 21st
BrennanBridget,wid. Patrick,bds. 284 n. 7th
BrennanCharles,porter,bds.Missouri Hotel
BrennanDaniel,bricklayer, b. Soulard and Lafayette
BrennanDaniel, drayman, Berthold. Smith & CO.,r.Rock rd.b. Leonard av and Alby
BrennanDennis,grocer,ss.Carr b. 22d and 23d, r. same
BrennanEdward,lab.,r. 162 n. 14th
BrennanEdward,porter,r. 16 s. 10th
BrennanHenry,cabinetmaker,r.18th b. Biddle and O'Fallon
BrennanJames,moulder,r.Spruce b. 12th and 14th
BrennanJames,lab.,r.Randolph b. Adolphe and Mercer
BrennanJohn,clerk,bds.Collins se.c. Columbia
BrennanJohn,furniture, 148 Franklin av.,r. 201 Green
BrennanJohn,boilermaker, and Howard
BrennanJohn,lab., b. Howard and Mound
BrennanJohn,lab.,r. 122 Orange
BrennanJohn,lab.,r. 422 n. Main
BrennanJohn,machinist,bds. 278 n. 2d
BrennanJohn,shoemaker, b. Warren and Benton
BrennanJoseph, teacher, Academy Christian Brothersbds. same
BrennanLuke,lab.,r. 200 s. 5th
BrennanMargaret,wid. John,bds.Randolph b. 12th and 13th
BrennanMargaret,Wid. Michael,r. rear 333 Morgan
BrennanMary,wid. John,bds. 16 s. 10th
BrennanMary,wid. Michael, near Buchanan
BrennanMichael, foreman John Brooks,r. 353 n. 2d
BrennanMichael,lab.,r. 4 Howard
BrennanMichael,lab.,r. 159 Washington av
BrennanMichael,teamster,r.Carr b. 22d and 23d
BrennanPatrick,drayman,r. rear 333 Morgan
BrennanPatrick,lab., b. Pratte av. and Summit
BrennanPatrick,lab., and Webster near Broadway
BrennanPatrick,stone cutter,r. 12 Orange
Brennan,Richard, clerk Sterling, Stansberry & Co.,bds. 4 Howard
BrennanThomas,blacksmith,r. 462 n. Main
BrennanThomas, jr.,blacksmith,, bet. Pratte av and Jefferson
BrennanThomas,marblepolisher, and 9th and O'Fallon and Cass av
BrennanThomas, sr.,r.Elizabeth bet. Pratte and Jefferson
BrennanTimothy,lab.,r. 260 Green
BrennanTimothy,lab.,r. 260 Green
BrennanWilliam,lab.,r.Randolph bet. Adolphe and Mercer
BrennanWilliam,physician.r.City Hospital, Linn, nw.c. Marion
Brennanlab.,bds. 351 Carondelet av
BrennikerHenry,lab.,r. 265 n. Market
BrenstedtGotlieb, bet. Hickory and Rutgers
BrentFrancisE., salesman Reed & Co.,bds. 201 Locust
BrentMaryAgnes,superior Convent of the Visitatation.Cass 21st and 22d
BrentRichard,(col'd,) teamster,, near Madison
BrentRobert,dep. clerk Circuit Court,Court House, r. Locust ne.c. 9th
BrentWilliamC.,lawyer,r. 6 n. 6th
BrentWillis,(col'd,) whitewasher,r.ns.Orchard bet. Barton and 11th