St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Wall Thomas, carpenter, r. 79 n. 11th
Wall Thomas, constable, r. 146 n. 14th
Wall Thomas, drayman, r. 383 n. Main
Wall Thomas, moulder, bds. 347 n. 9th
Wall Thomas, moulder, bds. 484 n. Main
Wall William, cooper, r. Conde nr. Elliot
Wall William, painter, r. Carondelet
Wall & Webber Wall (Charles Webber) Frederick gum elastic rooting, 66 Chesnut
WALL & WIDEN, forwd. mers., Wall (Nicholas Widen) Joseph forwd. com. and produce mers., Pine ne. c. Commercial
Walla William, tailor, r. 206 n. 11th
Wallace saddler, bds. 189 n. 6th
Wallace Alonzo D., (Wallace & Kendall) bds. ws. Pratte av. nr. Pacific
Wallace Asa A., salesman, Cupples & Marston, r. 152 n. 10th
Wallace Charles A., clerk, r. 429 Morgan
Wallace Edward W., genl. ticket agent, P. RR., bds. Lassalle nr. St. Ange av
Wallace Elizabeth, wid. William, fruit dealer, 457 Carondelet av., r.
Wallace George W., sawyer, r. 462 n. 9th
Wallace Henry, shoemaker, r. 11 Collins
Wallace James, peddler, bds. 175 n. 4th
Wallace James, porter, (col'd) R. H. Miller & Sons, r. al. rear 8th b. Wash Carr
Wallace James H., bookkeeper, W. S. McKnight & Co., bds. U. S. Hotel
Wallace James W., sup't, Missouri Glass Co., r. Jefferson nr. Arsenal av
Wallace John, baker, r. 94 Poplar
Wallace John, wireworker, r. and Elliot av. b. Warren Conde
Wallace John F., waiter, Planters' House
Wallace Lee C., bookkeeper, W. W. Totten, r. 85 Collins
Wallace Martin, spring maker, P. RR., r. Cooper nr. machine shop
Wallace Mary, wid. Patrick, r. al. bet. and Franklin av. Wash, 7th 8th
Wallace Nicholas, sawyer, bds. 22 Madison
Wallace Robert, grocer, r. Benton se. c, 16th
Wallace Samuel, foreman Missouri Glass Company, r. Lemp c. Wyoming
Wallace Thomas, glass blower, r. Missouri nr. Iroquios
Wallace Walter G., carpenter, bds. 78 n. Market
Wallace William, engineer, bds. 1156 Broadway
Wallace William, lab., r. 228 n. 12th
Wallack Robert R., clerk, Hatch & Griffith, bds. es. and 11th b. Clark av Market
Wallbrings Anna, wid. Herman, r. ns. and Destrehan b. Broadway 9th
Wallbrink Henry, lab., r. ss. and Biddle b. 17th 18th
Wallenbrock Hermann, bds. 171 n. 8th
Waller Frederick W., salesman, 86 Market, r.
Waller Louis, confectioner, bds. 65 s. 4th
Walley Samuel, blacksmith, bds. al. rear O'Fallon b. 15th 16th
WALLERMFECHTEL JOSEPH, brickmaker, and Cass av. c. 22d, r. ns. Benton b. 15th 16th
Wallhermfechtel Louis, grocer and boardinghouse, 19th sw. c. Monroe
Walling William H., salesman, 84 Franklin av
Wallis Eliza, wid. Samuel, fruits, etc., 96 s. 5th, r.
Wallis Lawrence, painter, bds. 96 s. 5th
Wallis Walter, saddler, 111 Green, r.
WALLIS WALTER W., harnessmaker, 108 n. 5th, bds. Randall House
Wallace William, carpenter, bds. n. Market c. 11th
Wallrapp Philip, bds. 54 Carondelet av
Walls David, lab., r. es. and 9th b. O'Fallon Cass av
Wallwork James, lab., r. 64 Washington av
Wallmeyer Clement, wagonmaker, r. rear ss. Market b. 20th 21st
Walschmidt George, mason, r. 247 Franklin av
Walsen Frederick H., cigarmaker, bds. ns. and Singleton b. 15th 16th