St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Wetzell Z. F., (Z. F. Wetzell & Co) r. 17th nw. c. Christy av
WETZELL Z. F. & CO., (Z. F. Wetzell) O. druggists, 31 n. Main
Wetzen Charles, silversmith, r. 75 4th
Wetzstein Casper, engineer, bds. ns. and Gratiot bet. 9th 10th
Weule William, quarryman, r. 18th nr. Bremen av
Wexter Henry, sugar refiner, r. al. b. and 10th 11th n. O'Fallon
Weyant Jacob L., r. ns. and Russell bet. Carondelet av, s. 7th
Weydekamp Gustave, clerk, Archer, Whiteside & Co., bds. 58 s. 3d
Weye William, whipmaker, bds. es. and Jackson b. Lafayette Emmet
Weyer Anthony K., boatman, 244 n. 10th
Weyer Louis, hairdresser, r. Green nw. c. 4th
Weyers John P., grocer, and Park av. nw. c. South, r. ns. Park av. b. South Stoddard
Weyl Augustus, lettercarrier, r. 294 n. 7th
Weylan Michael, lab., r. near Morgan 24th
Wezer Peter, brickmaker, r. and Congress b. Douchouquette Lami
Wezier Charles, (Wezler & Co) r. Spruce sw. c. 14th
Weier & Co., Weier & Co., Wezler (Charles Isler) grocers, Weier & Co., 14th sw. c. Spruce
Whailing Michael, lab., bds. 7th nw. c. Carr
Whailing William, (Horine, Kennedy & Co) bds. Randall House
Whalan Daniel, lab., Fox & Cross
Whalan Joseph, lab., r. ws. and Moore bet. Market Clark av
Whalan Michael, drayman, r. ss. and Wash bet. 21st 22d
Whalan Robert, drayman, r. ss. and Wash bet. 21st 22d
Whalen Daniel, lab., r. es. and Paul b. Hickory Chouteau av
Whalen Dennis, marblepolisher, r. 122 Christy av
Whalen Frank, lab., bds. ws. 21st nr. n. Market
Whalen James, lab., r. 506 n. Main
Whalen John, lab., r. rear 257 s. 2d
Whalen John, lab., r. al. b. and 10th 11th n. O'Fallon
Whalen Margaret, wid. Edward, washwoman, r. 28 Biddle
Whalen Michael, lab., bds. 274 n. 13th
Whalen Owen, lab., r. 315 Washington av
Whalen Peter, cooper, r. Main ne. c. Smith
Whalen Timothy, pipeman, r. 145 n. 11th
Whaler William, butcher, 41 City Market, r. ws. 20th Gamble av
Whaley Edward W., carpenter, w. and 16th bet. Market Clark av
Whalin Patrick, carman, r. and Lucas av. b. Pratte Beaumont avs
Whalley Augustus, carpenter, and Buchanan b. 9th Bellefontaine rd
Whaller Ferdinand, lab., n. and 2d b. Dock Buchanan nr. R. R. track
Whallon John, (Henry Grone & Co) bds. rear ws. 11th b. Market Clark av
Whalon William, (Whalon & Kinary) r. es. 17th nr. Warren
Whalon & Kinary, Whalon & Kinary, Whalon (William Kinary) Michael stonequarry, Whalon & Kinary, es. 17th nr. Warren
Wharmann Hermann, shoemaker, r. 204 n. 11th
Whart Thomas, ostler, bds. 272 Broadway
Wharton Clementine, grocer and boarding, Mound ne. c. 2d
Wharton George, (Wharton & Co) ns. and Warren bet. 13th 14th
Wharton Martha, wid. John, r. 661 Morgan
Wharton Robert, carpenter, r. ns. and Warren bet. 13th 14th
Wharton & Co., Wharton (George dunnage, Cherry sw. c. Levee
Whatford John, blacksmith, ws. of Manchester road e. Grand av., r.
Whaxy Andrew, tailor, bds. ns. Gratiot nr. 21st