St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
White George, lab., r. Arsenal c. Cherokee
White George, lab., r. Grand av. nr. Bellefontaine rd
White Henry, painter, rooms 7 Carr
White Henry, pilot, r. 71 Wash
White Henry, wood sawyer, r. 212 n. 11th
White Isaac, butcher, 7 Center market, r. Market n. Rock Spring
White J. D., machinist, r. 7th sw. c. Sidney
White Jackson, butcher, 16 Lucas Market, r. Park av. bet. Pratte av. Toney
White James, lab., r. n. and 10th bet. n. Market Benton
White James, miner, r. 408 Morgan
White James, plasterer, r. 163 Washington av
White James, teamster, r. ss. and 10th bet. Benton Warren
WHITE JOB S., restaurant, 67 and 69 Chesnut, r. es. 8th bet. Gratiot Cerre
White John, carpenter, r. ws. and 13th b. Madison Jefferson
White John, lab., bds. near Grand av. Broadway
White John, lab., bds. 201 Broadway
White John, mason, Alexander McLagan
White John, stonecutter, bds. 12th se. c. Olive
White John F. J., clerk, P. O., r. 89 n. 5th
White John G. Rev., r. 27 n. 12th
White John P., butcher, and Randolph, b. 12th 14th
White John R., moulder, r. es. and 9th bet. Mullanphy Cass av
White Joseph, saloon and boarding, 914 Broadway, r.
White Joseph H., lottery office, 279 5th sw. c. Biddle, r. n. 6th
White Louis S., conductor, r. rear 505 Morgan
White Michael, lab., bds. near Grand av. Broadway
White Michael, stonemason, r. 60 n. 17th
White Michael, teamster, r. ns. near Salina Lynch
White Nancy, wid. Thomas, r. Grand av. nr. Bellefontaine rd
White Nathan, com.mer., 13 s. Main, r. Cardinal sw. c. Franklin av
White Nicholas, slater, r. and Ulrici b. Poplar Randolph
White Patrick, lab., r. al. rear Cedar b. 2d 3d
White Patrick, riverman, bds. 201 Broadway
White Peter, gasfitter, bds. 229 Biddle
White Peter, lab., bds. near Grand av. Broadway
White Philip, bds. 186 Market
White Porter, (White & McLaughlin) r. 433 Market
White Robert, (White & Blake) r. ss. and Dodier b. 15th 16th
White Samuel, foreman, foundry r. 172 n. 12th
White Samuel, slater, bds. and Ulrici b. Poplar Randolph
White Samuel E., collector, Bank of State of Missouri, r. Carondelet
White Stephen, lab., bds. al. b. and 10th 11th n. O'Fallon
White Thomas, r. 63 Walnut
White Thomas, maltster, r. and Stoddard av. b. Hickory Chouteau av
White Thomas, mason, at Alexander McLagan
White Thomas, steamboat clerk, r. ns. and Dodier b. 15th 16th
White Thomas, stonecutter, r. 153 n. 13th
White Thomas L., carpenter, r. 105 Christy av
White Thomas W., waiter, bds. 19 n. 4th
White Uriah K., moulder, r. Thomas nw. c. Webster
White William, bricklayer, bds. 186 Market
White William, painter, 84 n. 10th
White William H., (Thomson & White) r. 122 Pine
WHITE WILLIAM N., real estate agt., 33 Pine, r. Ivory station
White & Co., forwd. mers, White, (Benjamin T. Jagger D. B. Greenleaf G. H. com. and forwd. mers, 7 City Buildings
White & Blake, White (Robert Blake) William plumbers, tinners and stove dealers, 133 Market b. 5th 6th
White & McLaughlin, White (Porter Mclaughlin) Robert plasterers, 433 Market