St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Whitney Francis, treasurer, Real Estate Saving Institution, bds. Monroe House
Whitney Henry G., general freight and passenger agent, I. M. R. R., bds. 159 Chesnut
Whitney Jonas, teacher, r. b. and Ohio Martha, Summer 2d Carondelet av
Whitney Oscar, com. and frwdg., 68 n. Commercial, r. s. 14th
Whitney Robert S., receiving teller, Boatman's Saving Insi., r. 232 Chesnut
WHITNEY & LYONS, sewing machines, H. S. Wait, agent, 112 n. 4th
Whiton Jesse, carpenter, r. and 18th bet. Davis Cass avenue
WHITTAKER FRANCIS, pork and beef packer, 61 7th ne. c. Carr, r. Carr
Whittaker John, bookkeeper, St. Louis "Christian Advocate," r. ns. Menard nr. 16th
Whittaker Thomas, patternmaker, r. ws. and 2d b. Howard Mound
Whittemore Horace, (H. and R. B. Whittemore & Co) r. at New York
Whittemore Robert B., (H. and R. B. Whittemore & Co) bds. Planters' House
Whittemore H. & R. B. & Co., Whittemore (Horace Whittemore, Robert B. Carter) John F. hats caps, 127 n. Main
WHITTIER CLARK, physician, private medical aid, 16 n. 2d, r.
Whittier James, physician, bds. 16 n. 2d
Whittiker Robert, messenger, Adams Express Co., rooms Main sw. c. Chesnut
WHITTINGHAM WlLLIAM C., produce broker, 87 n. 2d, r. King's Highway, Glenrose
Whittle Michael, teamster, r. ns. n. and Market b. 14th 15th
Whittle Thomas, boatman, r. n. and 10th bet. O'Fallon Cass av
WHITTLESEY CHARLES C., lawyer, 32½ Chesnut, r. Olive
Whittlesey William W., clerk, U. S. Express Co., bds. 118 n. 9th
Whitwell Ann J., wid. Isaac, r. 357 n. 9th
Whitwell William J., printer, bds. 357 n. 9th
Wholmyear Bernard, lab., r. and 13th bet. Spruce Poplar
Wholmyear Henry B., teamster, r. and 13th bet. Spruce Poplar
WHORF CHARLES F., cooking ranges and warming furnaces, 123 Locust, r. 15th
Whorf Henry, carpenter, r. 12th sw. c. Randolph
Whyte J., (Becker & Co) r. at Montreal
Wiathuehter Frederick, barkeeper, r. 204 n. 6th
Winter Jacob, porter, r. 165 n. 14th
Wibbeing William, tailor, bds. 112 Biddle
Wibbing Adolph, moulder, r. n. Green c. 19th
Wiber James, painter, 84 n. 10th. r.
Wibert B., butcher, 23 Lucas Market, r. Chouteau av. machine shop
Wibkis Bernard, teamster, r. and Menard bet. Emmet Geyer avs
Wibrecht Henry C., grocer, same 14th ne. c. Wash, r.
Wibrecht Henry M., accountant and teacher, Jones' Commercial College, r. 14th ne. c. Wash
Wich John, lab., r. Rock Spring
Wich John B., clerk, Francis Bechteler, r. 151 s. 2d
Wich Michael, lab., r. es. and Missouri av. b. Convent Hickory
Wichard Frederick, grocer, 240 Morgan, r.
Wichard William, clerk, bds. 240 Morgan
Wichmann Christopher, drayman, bds. Leonard nr. machine shop P. R. R.
Wichner John, confectioner, bds. 60 s. 7th
Wick John C., com. mer., r. 142 Washington av
Wick Lewit, lab., r. and Hamtramck bet. Emmet Julia
Wickel Hermann, shoemaker, r. 225 n. 13th
Wickel John, clerk, r. 20 n. 14th
Wickel John, salesman, N. H. Powers, r. 500 n. 14th