St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Williams John W., boarding, 71 n. 3d
Williams John W., clerk, Joseph E. Elder & Co., 9 Pine, bds. Locust
Williams Lawrence, carpenter, r. 29 Gay
Williams Levi, pilot, r. ss. and Walnut b. Beaumont Leffingwell avs
Williams Margaret, washwoman, r. Warren nw. c. Broadway
Williams Mary, wid. Michael r. rear 30 Elm
Williams Mary S., wid. Charles N., 47 n. 5th
Williams Matthew, clerk, William H. Pritchartt, r. 113 n. 14th
Williams Michael, glass cutter, bds. Arsenal ne. c. 7th
Williams Michael, stonecutter, r. 440 Morgan
Williams Owen, carpenter, bds. 245 Broadway
Williams Patrick, teamster, r. ss. and Wash b. 20th 21st
Williams Richard, boiler, bds. 283 n. Main
Williams Robert, tailor, r. 14th se. c. Spring
Williams Robert, watchman, ss. and Carr bet. 20th 21st
Williams Robert F., city police, r. 123 n. 3d
Williams Samuel, (Williams & Jacobs) r. 462 Biddle
Williams Samuel J., fireman, P. R. R., r. P. R. R. buildings
Williams Samuel R., moulder, r. 6 Labadie
Williams Sarah, wid. Andrew, r. es. and Broadway bet. Angelrodt Buchanan
Williams Sarah, wid. Joseph, bds. 156 Olive
Williams Sarah M., boarding, 180 n. 5th, r.
WILLIAMS SHADRACH, prop., Williams Hotel, 176 n. Main
Williams Thomas, blacksmith, r. nw. c. and Pratte av. P. RR
Williams Thomas, bricklayer, r. 76 n. 10th
Williams Thomas P., clerk, Recorder's office, 24 s. 6th
Williams Thomas W., salesman, C. B. Hubbell, jr., & Co., bds. 76 n. 5th
Williams William, blacksmith, bds. 421 n. 9th
Williams William, bookkeeper. J. J. O'Fallon & Co., bds. 300 n. 6th
Williams William, engineer, r. and Buchanan b. 11th 12th
Williams William, mariner, r. 31 Myrtle
Williams William, prop. David Hall saloon, r. 224 Market
Williams William, ship carpenter, bds. 278 n. 2d
Williams William B., salesman, bds. City Hotel
Williams William H., (J. C. Williams & Son) r. al. b. and 6th 7th, Biddle O'Fallon
Williams William J., caulker, r. 278 n. 2d
WILLIAMS, BOYLE & Co., com. mers., Williams, (James Boyle Thos. Fahnestock George auction and com. mers., 10 n. Main
Williams J. C. & Son, mnfrs., (John C. William H) furniture mnfrs., 120 n. 5th
Williams & Jacobs, Williams (Samuel Jacobs) John B. sale stable, 199 and 201 n. 5th
Williams & McCabe, Williams (John McCabe) Francis produce, Commercial Commercial ne. c. Vine
Williamsleeper Christian, soda mnfr., 136 n. 8th, r.
Williamson Benjamin, engineer, r. 62 Biddle
Williamson Charles, drayman, r. 213 n. 9th
Williamson Daniel, feed store, ss. and Market b. 16th 17th, r. Pine
Williamson Edward J., clerk, S. D. Hendel, bds. es. near 5th Gratiot
Williamson Isaac D. Rev., editor Herald and Era, r. at Philadelphia
Williamson John, lab., bds. 201 Broadway
Williamson Mary A., boarding, 138 n. 3d
Williamson Mary J., wid. Francis R., r. 192 Wash
Williamson Michael, glasscutter, bds. b. and Arsenal Cherokee Lemp
Williamson Miner, r. 138 n. 3d
Wilhamson William H., pilot, bds. 244 n. 5th
Williard Fred M., salesman, rooms 5th sw. c. St. Charles