St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Wilmus Frederick, grocer, r. 150 s. 3d
Wilner Joseph S., bricklayer, bds. 210 Market
Wilpartitry William, artist, bds. 7 n. 3d
Wilsch M., tailor, bds. 45 Locust
Wilsey Cornelius B., (Wand & Wilsey) r. 115 s. 15th
WILSHUSEN CLAUS, saloon, 369 n. Main, r.
Wilshusen John J., grocery and saloon, 173 Christy av., r.
Wilsmann Bernard, teamster, bds. al. b. and Menard Rosatti nr. Allen av
Wilsmann George, teamster, r. al. bet. and Menard Rosatti nr. Allen av
Wilson bds. 166 Locust
Wilson printer, 37 s. 4th
Wilson wid., bds. es. 11th nr. Market
Wilson Andrew, shipping clerk, R. H. Stone, r. 112 s. 5th
Wilson Andrew, stonecutter, bds. Pratte av. sw. c. Clark av
Wilson Angeline L., wid. John, physician, 71 s. 14th bds.
Wilson Ann, wid. John, r. 224 n. 7th
Wilson Ann, wid. Otho T., bds. 1 s. 15th
Wilson Anne, bds. 96 n. 7th
Wilson Anthony D., bookkeeper, Reed & Markham, r. Hickory ne. c. Dollman
Wilson Archibald, shoemaker, ns. and Wash b. 6th 7th
Wilson Arlin, steward, (col'd) bds. 97 Almond
Wilson Charles A., (C. A. Wilson & Co) r. al. bet. and 12th 13th nr. Cass av
Wilson Charles A., clerk, r. 183 Franklin av
Wilson Charles B., clerk, Barnum's Hotel, bds. same
Wilson Charles E., clerk, N. M. R. R., bds. 79 n. 6th
Wilson Charles H., clerk, P.O., r. 18th ne. c. Morgan
Wilson Charles H., clerk, bds. es. and Francis bet. St. Charles Rock rd. Cass av
Wilson Charles H., salesman, Weirick, Scudder & Co., bds. 24 St. Charles
Wilson Charles W., carpenter, Allen av. sw. c. 7th
Wilson Cornelius, steamboat agent, r. 115 s. 5th
Wilson D. G., bds. 122 Olive
Wilson David B., sec. Western Mutual Fire Ins. Co. and Exchange Insurance Co., r. 112 s. 5th
Wilson David C., asst. William L. Troxel, rooms 83 Broadway
Wilson Deborah, wid. William, bds. 48 St. Charles
Wilson Edward, bricklayer, r. 165 Biddle
Wilson Edward F., (C. A. Wilson & Co) bds. al. b. and 12th 13th nr. Cass av
Wilson Elizabeth, widow Hugh, confectionery, 55 Green
Wilson Elizabeth, washwoman, (col'd) 200 Olive
WILSON FRANCIS S., druggist, same Washington av. ne. c. 8th, r.
Wilson George, cook, r. 61 Biddle
Wilson George R., cashier, Crow, McCreery & Co., bds. Planters' House
Wilson Hannah H., wid. Robert, r. es. and Francis b. St. Charles Rock rd. Cass av
Wilson Hartwell, painter, r. 77 n. 8th
Wilson Henry, clerk, bds. and 15th b. Spruce Poplar
Wilson Henry, plasterer, r. es. 13th nr. Carroll
Wilson Henry L., (Nichols & Wilson) r. 39 Mullanphy
Wilson Hiram D., carriage maker, r. 133 n. 6th
WILSON JAMES, com. mer., 22 Chesnut se. c. Commercial. r. s. 15th
Wilson James, engineer, r. es. al. bet. and 10th 11th nr. Carr
Wilson James, letter carrier, r. 103 n. 8th
Wilson James A., bricklayer, r. 65 s. 14th
Wilson James M., clerk, A. Seemuller & Co., bds. 27 s. 14th
Wilson James T., clerk, Pittman, Bros. & Co., rooms 5th sw. c. St. Charles
Wilson Jeremiah D., bookbinder, r. rear ns. Austin b. 15th 16th
Wilson Jeremiah, (Wilson, Rawlings & Co.,) r. country