St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
BrusterWilliam,(col'd)lab., and Walnut e. of 10th
BruwerFrederick,lab.,r. 196 n. 12th
BruzinkHenry,shoemaker,bds 122 O'Fallon
BryanBernard,(Bryan & Brother,)r. 202 Morgan
BryanEdmond,carpenter,bds. 245 Broadway
BryanEdwardV.,(Bryan & Hardcastle,)bds.Planters' House
BryanFrancisT.,U. S. A.,bds. 261 Pine
BryanHenry,clerk, and O'Fallon
BryanHenryE.,clerk,bds. 394 n. 7th
BRYANHENRYM.,lawyer, 41 Chesnut, r.ns. Grand Bellefontaine rd. and Natural Bridge Plank Road
BryanJames,tailor, and 15th and Franklin av. and Wash
BryanJohn, clerk W. W. Bryan & Co., 311 Franklin av
BryanJohn,drayman, bet. 2d and 3d
BryanJohn,lab.,bds.17th, sw.c. Angelica
BryanJohnG., jr., bookkeeper Small & Co.,r. 43 Olive
BryanJohn,physician,r.Grand av.c. Bellefontaine road
BryanMary,widow Michael,r. 200 Franklin av
BryanSamuel,(Bryan & Miltenberger) rooms Blow's building, Market bet. 4th and 5th
BryanSamuelJ.,carpenter,bds. 394 n. 7th
BryanStephen, near 10th
BryanWilkinson,(Bryan & Brother,)r.Washington av.n. 17th
BryanWilliam,carpenter, bet. Morgan and Franklin
BryanWilliam,clerk Belcher's sugar refinery,r. 143 Collins
BryanWilliam,lab., and Florida and Main and 2d
BRYAN & BRO.,(Wilkinson and Bernard,) lumber merchants,Broadway, nw.c. O'Fallon, and 16th, ne.c. Franklin av
BRYAN & HARDCASTLE,Bryan(EdwardV., and Hardcastle,)AddisonS. dry goods, 71 n. Main.(See advt. p. 46)
BRYAN & MILTENBERGER,Bryan(Samuel and Miltenberger,)Anthony who. grocers, 128 n. 2d
BryantCharlesD.,bricklayer,bds. 381 Franklin av
BryantFrancis,carriagemaker,r. 62 Carr
BryantGeorge,carpenter,, w. of 24th
BryantHenryB.,(Bryant & Stratton)r.N. Y.City
BryantJohn,plasterer, near Buchanan
BryantJosephM.,deputy U. S. Marshal,bds 120 n. 9th
BRYANTTHOMASS.,U.S. Marshal, Custom House,r. 120 n. 9th
BRYANT & STRATTON'S Commercial College,BryantH. B. and Stratton,H. D. proprietors,4th ne.c.(See advt.)
BryceJames,painter,bds.Lemp bet. Arsenal and Cherokee
BryceThomas,laborer,r.Lemp near Arsenal
BrysonSamuel,clerk,r. 222 Biddle
BuebsamHenry,laborer,r. 322 s. 3d
BubzWilliam,grocer,ws.9th, bet. Malinckrodt and Destrehan
BuchPeter,laborer, av. near Decatur
BuchWilliam,porter,r. 27 Wash
BuchananAlexanderS., clerk Keith & Woods,r. 245 Pine
BuchananAlexanderS., salesman William F. Enders & Co.
BuchananHenryR.,machinist,r. 47 s. 2d
BuchananJamesA.,lawyer, 97 Chesnut, bds. 149 n. 5th
BuchananJohn,machinist,r. 47 s. 2d
BuchananJohnF.,carpenter, 65 n. 17th.
BuchananMatthew,r. 118 Carr
BuchananMatthew,Missouri Co. No.5,r. 112 Washington av
BuchananPenelope, wid. George and Columbus and Soulard and Lafayette
BuchananRobertS. jr., clerk Wyman, Banker, Carpenter & Co.bds. 149 n. 5th